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Racing Cylinder MALOSSI 560 cc for YAMAHA 500 T-Max i.e. 4T LC
Part no.: M3113666
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€769.00 / Piece 3,1kg / Piece
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Racing Cylinder MALOSSI 560 cc

for YAMAHA 500 T-Max i.e. 4T LC

  • aluminium
  • Ø 70mm
  • stroke 73mm
  • 3 piston ring(s)
  • pin 15mm
  • w/​o cylinder head
  • for vehicles with hydraulic chain tensioner
TUNING SPORT - high-performance
For race use only. Not admitted in the area of the German StVZO!
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Including VAT Plus shipping
€769.00 / Piece 3,1kg / Piece

Product description

At the sight of this slab of power even the most conservative of biker seem to have a twinkle in their eyes. The MALOSSI 560cc Twin cylinder Kit, designed for the YAMAHA 500 T-Max i.e. injection maxi-scooter, is produced using a single solid block of alloy which includes both cylinders. Alongside many other innovative features MALOSSI promise a power increase of at least 15 %, and that without the inclusion of any extra performance-orientated peripheral components! The piston units belong to the many technical highlights with their special protective alloy coatings. No matter where you look, nothing seems to have been left to chance, including the compression ratios, the high-grade steel biconically-machined gudgeon pins and not forgetting the chrome plated and nitrated piston ring design. This unique combination of these numerous technical solutions and details work together to make this a more than adequate high-end performance cylinder kit for all YAMAHA 500 T-max pilots.


MALOSSI 560cc twin racing cylinder kit, 4-stroke, Liquid Cooling

Bore 70mm (x2), Stroke 73mm, Cubic capacity 560cc, Compression ratio 1:12, Max. power @ 7800 rpm, twin cylinder assembly produced as a single solid block, Specially developed Al/Si/Cu alloy material tempered and free of mechanical stresses, Cylinder bores : Nicasil lined with high precision mechanical tolerances, manufactured using the latest state-of-the-art machinery and technologies, 110/130° angle of hone, Forged pistons : Specially developed Al/Si/Cu alloy material, heat-tempered, specially machined crown with valve compensation cut-outs, performance orientated design, Strengthened yet lightweight design with a cylinder wall strength identical to the original. Piston rings (3) : 1st ring - (from the crown) compression ring, 2nd ring – Stabiliser function made from phosphated steel. 3rd ring – Oil disperser function, 3 part oil-ring made from steel (chromed race contact surface including sprung-loaded ring).


CAUTION : The T-max scooters produced between 2004 and 2007 possess two different cam-chain tensioner systems, for this reason there are two types of piston available. Please check before ordering!


SIP-TIP : Do not forget to order the suitable peripheral components, such as the MALOSSI O2 Lambda Emulator and the excellent MALOSSI Multivar Variomatic for optimal performance.

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 3113666 (MALOSSI)
EAN Number: 4260088515773
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