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Racing Cylinder MALOSSI 210 cc "Sport 2013" for Vespa 200 Rally/P200E/PX200 E/Lusso/'98/MY/Cosa 200
Part no.: 31156180
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3,55kg / Piece
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Racing Cylinder MALOSSI 210 cc "Sport 2013"

for Vespa 200 Rally/​P200E/​PX200 E/​Lusso/​'98/​MY/​Cosa 200

  • aluminium
  • 7 ports
  • Ø 68,5mm
  • stroke 57mm
  • with cylinder head
For race use only. Not admitted in the area of the German StVZO!
7 ratings
VAT included Free shipping
3,55kg / Piece
Part no.: 31156180

Product description

The One and Only. The MALOSSI 210cc is the undisputed king of the Vespa tuning cylinders and is now available in two versions. The ‘Sport’ for road-going projects and the MHR for maximum performance set ups. Offers everything you could want for your Vespa: optimal workmanship, top durability and last but not least, performance that just won't quit. For those who really want to get max performance out of their Vespa, you simply cannot get better than MALOSSI!

High quality cast aluminum, durable nicasil coating, 7 transfers and powerful port profile build the basis for a dependable and trouble free thermal cylinder. The patented MALOSSI CVF2 System together with a solid ASSO piston powera the cylinder and guarantees long term driving fun. Further, the piston has 2 thin unbreakable trapeze form piston rings, making it an optimal basis for rpm's and performance.


Their main difference to the predecessors lies in the redesigned layout of the transfer ports. Both side ports have had the windows opened completely and the channels along with their windows have been enlarged. The rear boost parts have also been transformed as there are now three instead of two. In addition to these modifications the ‘MHR’ differs from the ‘Sport’ version in that it has a much larger exhaust port and more extreme port timings. The ‘Sport’ cylinder can be combined with a modified original cylinder head and a carburettor up to 30mm. The ‘MHR’ Version however requires a MALOSSI cylinder head (or similar) and a carburettor of at least 30mm to fully exploit its potential. Both types require the use of a ‘Fast Flow Fuel Tap’ and we can proudly announce that MALOSSI themselves made use of our very own SIP Fast Flow Fuel taps while developing these upgraded cylinders. We cannot guarantee safe and reliable use of this cylinder if other fuel taps are used.


The 210cc is available without head or with the new MALOSSI HTSR cylinder head (High Turbulence Squish Racing). The head gasket included in delivery can be used with the unmodified original head, however, we recommend the specially modified cylinder heads of MMW with aligned bore and modified combustion chamber, available for both short and long stroke drive shaft; a pinging motor can be nerve wracking. A copy of an inspection certificate is included in the delivery, which may help scooters initially registered before 1.1.1989.

All SIP tour bombers are outfitted with the 210cc, SIP Performance, racing shaft, shorter 4th gear, LUSSO III clutch, MMW head and a 24-28mm carburettor. Cruising speed is 115-120 km/h, 20-21 PS, and packs a powerful punch in every range. Last long range stress test: Scooter Raduno Isola Elba, Italy, 2 days to get there, 2 days to return, 1 day Elba - 2100 km in 5 days with 3 SIP 210cc and not one stutter. What more can we say?

Those wanting more power should try out a reed valve manifold, lip or mushroom shaft, TASSINARI reeds, 28-32mm carburettor and VESPATRONIC ignition. And if that's not enough, it's time to move on up to the big boy program for 210's: carburettors up to 38mm, DSE exhaust for motors over 25 PS, CNC clutch basket,.....;-)

SIP Racers hit the road with 210cc`s. And the horse power battles seen lately in the German scooter scene are for the most part won by massively modified MALOSSI. More than 40 PS, and that without nitrous oxide or casing modifications. Respect!! Want to avoid wasting hard earned money on ripped transfers or exhausts? We suggest trying out modified W5 and SESC 210cc´s from the SERIE PRO range. You'll profit from their extensive tuning experience and won't have to struggle to reach the next level.

Conclusion: No compromise cylinders suitable for all situations; 210cc´s are the Kings of the Road.


Aluminum/ 68.5mm bore/ 7transfers/ 210.06cc

Aluminum cylinder, 57mm stroke, piston with 2 trapeze piston rings and chromed race surface, without cylinder head gaskets 10.5:1 or with HTSR cylinder heads (High Turbulence Squish Racing), compression 12.5:1, incl. head and base gaskets, incl. copy of inspection certification. Jets and ignition should be modified.

Motor casing should be, but must not in the first steps, modified to fit the larger cylinder transfers.


SIP TIP! W3CC spark plug, ignition alignment 18-19°, SI 24/24E-G with mainjet 125-128 and modified cylinder head are a must. Italian racing exhaust/ English racing exhaust such as SIP / JL / RZ, LUSSO 3 clutch, race/long stroke drive shaft, SIP Performance ignition and 28/30mm carburettor recommended, and with 30-36 reed valve carburettor kit, full circle/flowed crankshaft, water cooled cylinder head.... makes for real Bottom End Tuning.


Technical Tip : On certain PIAGGIO produced PX 200 motors there were manufacturing tolerances included in the production process to allow for the differing positions of the cylinder mounting studs and their corresponding holes. PIAGGIO could compensate for this anomaly by providing their cylinders with 10mm diameter holes to allow for the displaced studs. On the other hand, MALOSSI cylinders are only provided with 8mm wide openings. As it is impossible to identify and cater for these irregularly produced crankcases we recommend you check the fit of the cylinder before you mount the piston. If you wish to be completely safe, and not sorry, we recommend that you order the new PX 200 crankcases that are also produced by MALOSSI.


SIP customer Stephan B., Lehr, Garmisch, Germany

"Powerful punch and top speeds. Tuning in combination with a SIP Performance exhaust got 132 km/h right off the bat And that without milling or other motor modification. The hottest cylinder I've ever driven!"

[SIP: modify transfers for a healthier motor....!]

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 3115618 (MALOSSI)
EAN Number: 42603352506143
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Detail view of 3 silver-coloured metal engine parts from SIP.
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    Gutachten MALOSSI 210ccm


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    Einbauanleitung für M5113341


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    Technik Zylinder Vespa


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    Malossi 735484 Systema elaborazione CVF II


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    Tuningübersicht Largeframe


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    Technik Zylinderkopf


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    Cylinder head technology


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    Cylinder technology


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  • Installation of MALOSSI 210cc cylinder

    Installation of MALOSSI 210cc cylinder


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    Tuning summary largeframe


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