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Racing Cylinder D.R. Formula 75 cc for Vespa 50/PK50/S/XL/XL2
Part no.: 10011000
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2,3kg / Piece
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Racing Cylinder D.R. Formula 75 cc

for Vespa 50/​PK50/​S/​XL/​XL2

  • cast iron
  • 6 ports
  • Ø 47,0mm
  • stroke 43mm
  • with cylinder head
  • M6 exhaust studs w/ SIP data sheet
TUNING ROAD - for everyday use
For race use only. Not admitted in the area of the German StVZO!
27 ratings
VAT included Free shipping
2,3kg / Piece
Part no.: 10011000

Product description

This is where the real tuning starts! Anyone who thinks that DR only offers solid all-rounders is wrong. The DR 75 FORMULA UNO is a thoroughbred sport tourer that compares well with those from other tuning manufacturers.

6 transfer ports with an amply dimensioned, boost port divided in two supply the cylinder, the coated pistons with 2 windows and lubrication hole on the boost port ensure substantial support. In addition, all DR cylinders are painted black for protection against corrosion and better heat dissipation.

Conclusion: Good-value sport tourer – the right choice for anyone who is looking for a balanced price-performance ratio but does not want to do without quality and performance.

Advice: On the subject of the DR 75 FORMULA UNO one still frequently reads and hears “with additional exhausts“ and “10 transfer ports“. In the meantime, however, DR has changed the cast shape: additional exhausts are a thing of the past and the cylinder never had 10 transfer ports. What is true is that the current version is a powerful DR FORMULA UNO cylinder, without additional exhausts and with 6 transfer ports.


Cast iron/ 47mm bore/ 6 transfer ports/ 74.60cc

Cast iron cylinder, stroke 43mm, 6 transfer ports, coated piston with 2 piston rings, 6mm exhaust studs, original DR cylinder head included in delivery, compression 10.7:1, incl. gasket set. Jets must be modified. Fits all Vespa 50/PK/XL/XL2 models, except PK automatic. Transfer ports match the originals, casing must not be modified.


SIP-TIP: Adjusting the main jet and a new spark plugs is a must. Transmission recommended here is at least the PINASCO pinion or a 3.72 transmission. The engine is made even sportier by a 16/ 16 carburetter, original exhaust with wider manifold or the SITO Banana.


SIP-Community User "mulin":

"For a 75 kit, the Formula provides good performance and is also very durable. Mine has done 3,000 km up to now without any problems and there is not a single scratch on it.”

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Product fits

Detail view of 3 silver-coloured metal engine parts from SIP.
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Get inspired. This product is included in the following public notepads:


  • Montage_Polini130ccm

    Montage Zylinder Smallframe


    8,43 MB

  • Technik_Zylinderkopf

    Technik Zylinderkopf


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  • DR75ccmF1_Datenblatt



    0,22 MB

  • Technik_Zylinder

    Technik Zylinder Vespa


    46,55 MB

  • Tuningübersicht Smallframe

    Tuningübersicht Smallframe


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  • Cylinder head technology

    Cylinder head technology


    1,60 MB

  • Cylinder technology

    Cylinder technology


    6,14 MB

  • Mounting of a Vespa smallframe cylinder

    Mounting of a Vespa smallframe cylinder


    0,39 MB

  • Smallframe cylinder assembly

    Smallframe cylinder assembly


    0,44 MB

  • Tuning summary smallframe

    Tuning summary smallframe


    1,87 MB

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