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Piston Stopper SIP lang

  • M14x1,25 mm l top: 72mm, l bottom: 40,5mm, Ø collar 20 mm
  • steel

Grade 1 - perfect repair

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19 ratings
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122g / Piece
Part no.: 49316000

Product description

To properly set up the ignition on a Vespa the piston requires immobilising. An especially elegant method of measurement, to provide an accurate determination of the Top Dead Centre position of the piston is using a piston stopper which, once screwed firmly into the spark-plug opening, solidly prevents piston movement. Our very own SIP Piston Stopper is perfectly suited to manual operation and can be used with the cylinder cowling in position. Don't panic! Injured fingers are a thing of the past due to the SIP Piston Stopper having a 'finger friendly' cross-hatched grip surface incorporated into its design and a collar located just above the thread for perfect positioning. The end that contacts the piston is rounded off to prevent any unnecessary damage to the pistons crown. This SIP Piston Stopper is manufactured using a high quality black coated steel and is available in two sizes-Short, for the Smallframe motors and extra long for the Largeframes.


SIP-TIP : Further essential tools for correct ignition service and adjustment include a Degree Disc (part no 83000000) and its holder (part no 83009100) and a Strobe Light ( part no ES118600).

EAN Number: 4260335250020

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