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Piston FALC THE TOP EVOLUTION 180 cc for Vespa 90-125/PV/ET3/PK/S/XL/2
Part no.: 40445681
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250g / Piece
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for Vespa 90-125/​PV/​ET3/​PK/​S/​XL/​2

  • Ø 64mm
Grade 1 - perfect repair
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VAT included Free shipping
250g / Piece
Part no.: 40445681

Product description


This FALC performance cylinder for the Vespa smallframe models displaces a whopping 180cc at every rev of the motor! To achieve this a suitable 56mm stroke crankshaft will also be necessary. Together with the 64mm bore, a cylinder capacity is provided that is usually reserved for the motors of the Largeframe models. The port layout of this cylinder is based upon the successfully tried and tested 'Top Evolution' cylinder range.

  • Five transfer ports
  • bridged exhaust port
  • cylinder mounted reed assembly with petals and manifold
  • eight-bolt cylinder head with centralisation feature
  • piston with two 1.2mm piston rings

Conclusion : The right cylinder to further explore the performance envelope of the smallframe Vespa motor!

High end tuning by an Italian master mechanical engineer.


The components supplied by Lauro Caforio, through his small specialist tuning business FALC, are amongst the finest currently available on the Vespa tuning market. Generally speaking, the parts painstakingly produced in their Italian workshop are intended to either create or transmit the strongest possible performance at the highest level.


The cylinders conceived by Lauro Caforio enable the potential power to be exploited to the maximum. This is made possible with generously dimensioned transfer port cross sectional areas combined with an extremely effective gas flow and displacement, produced using high quality manufacturing processes.


His exhaust systems also provide a very high potential maximum performance with a broad rev range but also a wide power band delivery. Other parts, such as their clutches and engine casings, are produced using high end materials, which are then precisely engineered during production, guaranteeing high durability.


Before each and every component, produced in this small engineering workshop, is available for shipment they are each physically checked over by Lauro Caforio personally. This enables him to provide his products with his unique guarantee. So much care and attention to detail does not come cheap however and regrettably the production capacity is also limited which inevitably results in issues with irregular availability. We hope our customers understand this bottle-neck situation and take great care to compensate by being able to offer adequate substitute components of a similar standard sourced from other manufacturers. Not a simple task when it comes to the quality represented by all FALC produced parts, but mostly a solution can be found to satisfy the demands of any tuning project.


Conclusion : A tuners paradise, with small production runs. You cannot go wrong with FALC components.

OEM numbers (for comparisons): piston for V0CO180CC - aus dem Programm - Seb. 30.11.2023 (FALC RACING)

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