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Product image for 'Piston AF Rayspeed B 225 cc, for RB22/TS1Title'
Piston AF Rayspeed B 225 cc, for RB22/TS1 for Lambretta 200 TV/SX/DL/GP
Part no.: 1504055B
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370g / Piece
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Piston AF Rayspeed B 225 cc, for RB22/TS1

for Lambretta 200 TV/​SX/​DL/​GP

  • 2 piston ring(s)
  • standard 1.0mm
  • pin Ø=16mm
TUNING SPORT - powerful
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VAT included Free shipping
370g / Piece
Part no.: 1504055B

Product description

A new cylinder is not always the solution when your cylinder has several thousand kilometers usage. Get your compression back up where it belongs by replacing piston rings or pistons instead of burdening yourself with major repairs. Our warehouse is full of original and tuning parts and replacement parts like pistons, gasket sets, piston rings.


Piston rings are the connecting pieces between piston and cylinder bore. Therefore, they have to endure heavy loads, are subject to wear and should be replaced on a regular basis. Loss of compression, decreasing performance and starting problems are clear signs of worn out piston rings.


Piston ring kit/s = complete kit, 2 piston rings

Piston ring = single piston ring,

Standard size = original size

1. OS / 2. OS = 1st oversize, 2nd oversize, etc.

Ø = indicates diameter of the cylinder!

L-piston ring = piston ring with L-shaped profile, also known as Dykes ring


SIP-TIP: make sure to mount piston rings carefully, do not overstretch, risk of breakage, pay attention to piston ring gap, type and design, trapezoidal piston rings have only one mounting direction!

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