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Pin DELL'ORTO for carburettor PHBL/PHBH
Part no.: MB07346
VAT included Plus shipping
2g / Piece
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Pin DELL'ORTO for carburettor PHBL/PHBH

  • l 47,2 mm
  • Ø 2 mm
One rating
VAT included Plus shipping
2g / Piece
Part no.: MB07346

Product description

The float bowl area contains some important components which together form the binding link between the fuel tank and the carburettor. These should be checked on a regular basis as if they are worn or damaged the connection gets leaky and the carburettor will fill up with petrol on an uncontrolled basis. The carburettor then fills up uncontrollably with fuel, overflows and the scooter may have problems firing. The individual components can be exchanged quickly and easily and your scooter starts again on the first kick.


We stock the float needle valve (incl. float needle) for the PHB with a diameter of 4.5mm in the sizes 150-225 and with a larger diameter of 5.2mm (incl. spring-loaded float needle) in the sizes 200-400. The speed at which the float chamber is filled increases in proportion to the size of the valve. The float needles (4.5mm and 5.2mm) are also available in- dividually. Please note: The ‚transparent‘ and ‚metal‘ versions only match the modified screw part no 1177200. With the metal float chamber it is also necessary for the brass tube to be removed and sealed up. This means scraping out the float chamber is now a thing of the past.


For the PHBH/PHBL we also stock the PHB series floats both in the 6.5g and also slightly heavier 9.5g versions. The heavier the float, the higher the fill level in the float chamber and the richer the mix in the carburettor. We only stock the spare parts for the DELL‘ORTO PHB carburettors in the high quality and durable DELL‘ORTO quality.


Conclusion: Small components with a big effect!


SIP-TIP: Don‘t forget the carburettor gasket set (e.g. part no 9206200 for the DELL’ORTO PHBH)!


SIP community user markus1973 on part no 40094200:

„Very good. Good quality!“

OEM numbers (for comparisons): B07346 (MALOSSI) 0734600 22 (DELLORTO)

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