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Paint Stripper "O-Lackfrei"
Part no.: 14259400
VAT included Plus shipping
€67.50 / Litres 414g / Piece
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Paint Stripper "O-Lackfrei"

  • 400ml
  • to expose the original paint
Extremely flammable, gas under pressure, vapours may cause drowsiness and dizziness, causes serious eye irritation!

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5 ratings
VAT included Plus shipping
€67.50 / Litres 414g / Piece
Part no.: 14259400

Product description

This 'O-Paint-free' paint treatment enables you to remove all respray work and lay the original paintwork of any vehicle bare. In addition to this product a small paintbrush, some cellulose thinners, a couple of clean dry cloths or paper wipes and a refillable pump-aerosol would also be useful although not necessary!


Instructions : The area of paintwork to be treated must first be washed with warm soapy water, rinsed and left to dry once cleaned. The paint treatment liquid can then be liberally and evenly applied to the paint you wish to remove and left for at least two minutes to soak in, but not longer than fifteen! The layer or layers of unwanted paint can then be removed by first dipping the brush in the cellulose thinners and gently brushing it away. Alternatively, for larger surfaces the thinner can be applied using the pump-aerosol and then wiped clean with the cloths containing thinner.


SIP- TIP : Once the original paintwork has been successfully revealed it requires immediate polishing and sealing!



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