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Paint Pen SIP

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Part no.: PI610755
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Paint Pen SIP

  • silver, Apuano 769/B
  • 20ml
  • metallic paint, clear-paint stick art. no. 61075100 necessary

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30g / Piece

Product description

Everyone has had the misfortune to discover a scratch or stone-chip damage to the otherwise pristine paintwork! These annoyances normally occur through everyday use, but can sometimes also be caused by anonymous third-parties. The basic fact though remains that these small scratches disturb the overall look and also niggle at your conscience. In most cases paint-sticks can be used to provide a quick and easy method of effective repair. Most of the common colours used to be produced by PIAGGIO, but they discontinued production a while ago.


To ease this deficit we have decided to produce these little helpers ourselves in all the common original PIAGGIO paint colours and codes. The colour code (e.g. 544 ) of your scooters paintwork can be found on its VIN plate or vehicle documents.


Depending on your type of paint, sometimes a layer of clear-lacquer must be applied once the original layer of repair paint has dried properly. Metallic paintwork requires a special type of clear lacquer paint : (#61075000), matt paintwork another : (#61075000). Normal types of paint do not require this extra layer of clear lacquer.


Please note : The area of paintwork to be repaired must first be thoroughly cleaned of all dirt and grease. Before applying the paint stick to the damaged area test its compatibility on a hidden part of the paintwork. Further information on this, and many other topics can be found as 'Article Information' in the 'Downloads' section on the right side of our website.


SIP-TIP : In the case of larger areas of paintwork needing repair, or even whole components, we recommend the use of our paints in Aerosol cans.

EAN Number: 4260335252284

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