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Paint Kit SIP "MALOSSI Look", spray
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Currently not available, delivery time up to 4 weeks.
Part no.: J14997806
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3,23kg / Piece
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Paint Kit SIP "MALOSSI Look", spray

  • luminous yellow/luminous orange/luminous red
  • incl. primer, base coat paint, 2K clear paint, sticker

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On demand
Currently not available, delivery time up to 4 weeks.
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VAT included Free shipping
3,23kg / Piece
Part no.: J14997806

Product description

If you are searching for a more economically priced alternative to the original MALOSSI paint kits look no further than our SIP 'MALOSSI Look' paint kits. Due to the use of spray-cans these kits are excellent for the more simple paint jobs, carried out in your own garage. The amount of paint included is enough to paint one scooter and includes 2 x 450ml white base paint cans, 2 x 400ml 2K clear lacquer cans and 3 x 400ml cans in the MALOSSI 'florescent red', 'florescent bright orange’ and ‘florescent yellow’ colours. These cans are also available separately. To perfect the original 'MALOSSI look' 38 separate MALOSSI stickers are also supplied as part of the kit.


White base paint (450ml) - 'Ready-to-use' thick layered filler base paint for a rapid base coat and smoothing any uneven surfaces prior to spraying with colour. Universally applicable to plastic metal, old paint layers, polyester filler, glass fibre, etc.


Clear lacquer (400ml) - Dual-component clear lacquer for a finish resistant to spilled petrol, solvents and other aggressive substances.


Primary pigmented lacquer (400ml) - Acrylic spray paint in the famous MALOSSI colours of 'florescent yellow', 'florescent bright orange” and 'florescent red'. These 400ml cans are equipped with 'fat-cap' spray head caps. This enables a fine, perfect spray of the paint particles and an improved distribution and amount applied. The can has all relevant propellants included and as it is a 1K-product has no need of an extra hardener component. This also means that after only partial use the can be inverted and its delivery tube freed of excess paint for future use.


Sticker set : 38 black and white MALOSSI adhesive decals in various sizes.


SIP-TIP : To completely realise the brightness of these colours, they should be applied over a white base coat of paint and bright neon colours also require a layer of clear lacquer to cover them. Without clear lacquer the colours remain matt and the pigmentation is not clearly visible. The spray pistol accessory (part no 14075000) makes spray jobs so much simpler!


EAN Number: 4260335253397

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