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Product Image for 'Mirror Handlebar Ends Victory right or leftTitle'
Mirror Handlebar Ends Victory right or left
for Vespa ET/​LX/​LXV/​S/​GTS/​GTS Super/​GTV/​GT 60/​GT/​GT L
Product No.: MV301024
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320g / Piece
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Product Image for 'Mirror Handlebar Ends Victory right or leftTitle'

Mirror Handlebar Ends Victory right or left

for Vespa ET/​LX/​LXV/​S/​GTS/​GTS Super/​GTV/​GT 60/​GT/​GT L
  • trapezoidal
  • 117x83 mm
  • aluminium
  • chrome
  • stem length 115mm
  • e-mark on glass
Mounting Kit art. no. MV502950/​MV502952/​MV502953 necessary!

Product description

If you do not like the look of the original PIAGGIO mirrors we have the more stylish option of handlebar-end style mirrors available. Due to their slim design they do not increase the overall width of the scooter too much, so making overtaking at the lights and filtering through lines of tin-cans still possible. The mirrors can be mounted above or below the level of the steering assembly, although the lower option provides a better view of the road behind. For correct attachment a mounting kit is necessary.(see 'Helpful Hint')


SIP–TIP : The opening left on the headset by removing the original PIAGGIO mirrors can be masked by a suitable cover trim.(#40093112)


Helpful Hint : To mount these mirrors to Vespa GTS/GTS Super/GTV/GT 60/GT/GT L models successfully, you will require handlebar grips with a suitable opening and an attachment kit. This also serves as a handlebar extension and is also available as a version that enables the simultaneous use of a set of bar-end weights.(part no. MV502950, MV502952, MV502953)


Helpful Hint : To mount these mirrors to Vespa ET/LX/LXV/S models open ended handlebar grips will be required. New grips are not completely necessary, as you can carefully cut a hole in the existing grips to make them compatible with this set up. We have as attachment available for 'closed' handlebars with a small internal diameter (part no MV502952, MV502953) and for 'open' handlebars with an internal diameter of up to 22mm suitable handlebar-end weights will be required. (part no. MV161030, MV161031)


Handle bar end mirror VICTORY/VICTORY-X: trapezoidal, 117x83mm, E-Mark, stem length: 115mm till clamp end, aluminium head

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