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Maintenance Service Kit for Vespa GTS/GTS Super/GTV 300ccm HPE (`20-) Euro5

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Part no.: J3904460
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905g / Piece
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Maintenance Service Kit

for Vespa GTS/​GTS Super/​GTV 300ccm HPE (`20-) Euro5

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Including VAT Free shipping
905g / Piece

Product description

We have compiled a range of Maintenance Service Kits including all parts requiring replacement at the service intervals laid down by the scooters manufacturers. We are careful to include only the highest quality products in these kits, which does not automatically mean the most expensive. Some MALOSSI components cost the same, or are even more affordable than the original items!


These kits consist of:


MALOSSI Variator Roller-Weights – These MALOSSI roller-weights possess the same weight as the original items and also have a PTFE coating, ensuring extra durability.

MALOSSI 'V-Belt' – These 'V-belts' are reinforced and a little thicker than the original items which reduces slip in the whole transmission mechanism. Another positive factor they bring is a slightly higher top speed.

MALOSSI Air Filter Sponge – This MALOSSI Air Filter Sponge allows a greater air-flow than the original items but with identical filtering properties. The motor benefits from a freer flow of air and with it an improved throttle response.

MALOSSI Oil Filter – These MALOSSI 'Red Chilli' filters the smallest particles and guarantees a longer engine life (only included in kits for models with 125cc or more)!

Malossi Brake Pads - Compared to original brake pads, these MALOSSI pads have an imporved braking response. They come with an ABE approval which makes them 100% road legal.


Further replacement parts, such as low-friction pads, lubricating grease, a fresh spark plug and new fixing nuts for both the clutch and variomatic units are, of course, included and are all equivalent to the original specifications!


SIP-TIP: Make sure to change the brake fluid, gearbox oil and engine oil when you service your scooter.

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