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Luggage Carrier rear Comfort for Vespa 125 VNA/VNB/150 VBA/VBB
Part no.: 25500200
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2,55kg / Piece
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Luggage Carrier rear Comfort

for Vespa 125 VNA/​VNB/​150 VBA/​VBB

  • load area: 28x33 cm
  • chrome
  • fold-away, with spare wheel holder 8" closed rim, with rest
One rating
Including VAT Free shipping
2,55kg / Piece

Product description

Luggage carrier are the perfect accompaniment for short and long tours. Whether on your way to shopping or on a road trip to Sicily - you need to upgrade your storage area. If you're on the road with lots of luggage, weight distribution is critical for a safe trip. Overloaded Luggage Racks, both front and rear, have a negative influence on how your scooters handles. A suitable sport chassis suspension is a real help here.


Rear luggage carriers are attached to holes already drilled on the seat and tank and are bolted down. Several models come with additional rods for optimal holding power. These are connected to the bottom edge of the frame and bolted. Almost all racks are available both as fold-up and non foldable models. Fixed models (non fold-up) are especially handy when carrying suitcases, bags and top cases. For that original 60's look, we recommend installing Luggage Racks with back support and spare tyre holder. Make sure to pay attention to your tyre size when ordering. Keep the appearance clean by using parts in combination from the same manufacturer. All luggage carriers come with the required mounting material.


SIP-TIP: We recommend NEVER DULL polish for all chrome luggage carriers. This handy all-round polish removes surface rust, even helps prevent rust build up.

If you?re looking for the original look of the 50/60ies, you might want to go for a luggage carrier with rest and spare wheel holder. Pay attention to the tire size of your model. Especially nice if combined with a spare wheel cover.

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