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Leather Care Product SONAX Sitzbankaufbereitung
Part no.: 14222000
VAT included Plus shipping
€52.80 / Litres 291g / Piece
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Leather Care Product SONAX Sitzbankaufbereitung

  • 250ml

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9 ratings
VAT included Plus shipping
€52.80 / Litres 291g / Piece
Part no.: 14222000

Product description

SONAXLotion for the gentle cleaning and care of car interior fittings, motorbikeleathers and seats, and other smooth leather. Freshens up colours and restores naturalleather scent. Effortlessly removes dirt, oil and grease. Makes the leatherespecially supple and prevents it from cracking. Silicone waxes and beeswaxgive the leather excellent and long-lasting protection and a water repellenteffect.

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