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Kickstart Lever SIP VBB Style for Vespa P80-150X/P200E/PX80-200E/Lusso/'98/MY/'11/Cosa
Part no.: 751222CR
VAT included Plus shipping
260g / Piece
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Kickstart Lever SIP VBB Style

for Vespa P80-150X/​P200E/​PX80-200E/​Lusso/​'98/​MY/​'11/​Cosa

also for LML Star 125- 200 2T/​4T/​Stella
  • aluminium
  • chromed
  • bent
  • for PX engines in old frame
  • incl. rubber and screw

Grade 1* - first-class repair and for tuned engines
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VAT included Plus shipping
260g / Piece
Part no.: 751222CR

Product description

Best quality kickstarters for Vespa Largeframe models, for vintage, through conversion types, to the PX models.


You can kick them repeatedly with your biggest boots on, but without them no traditional Vespa engine will run. These often ignored components of our beloved vintage scooters save a lot of effort when you wish to start any Vespa. They are also positioned right in front of your view of the engine, and so contribute a great deal to the scooters overall appearance.

  • Very attractive and high-quality surface finishing
  • High-quality forged aluminium construction
  • Vintage style version available

Regrettably not all Vespa kickstarters are still available in original quality. Some cheap cast aluminium types are around that neither fit nor function properly! Others have an extremely cheap appearance or are constructed using inferior materials...To clear up this mess we decided to get busy and have a large majority of the original range reproduced to more exacting standards.


Appearance – Care to detail

The SIP kickstarters appearances are closely based on that of the PIAGGIO originals. The exceptions are provided by the high-quality materials used in their construction and a vastly improved surface finishing. Our kickstarters are no longer surrounded by an ugly casting seam, but we have included a decently embossed SIP logo located in front of the mounting bolt. To ensure these kickstarters match and complement various styles of custom and overall image we have a variety of different versions available:

  • Aluminium
  • Chrome
  • Black

Conversion types for PX engines fitted into vintage frames – now with Vespa 'Rally' look.

The SIP kickstarter pedals were not just conceived as mundane replacements for the originals, we have also had conversion kickstarters produced to supplement the standard types. These unconventional items enable a more authentic vintage appearance for PX engines, especially interesting when fitted to an earlier Vespa Largeframe model. Due to the PX kickstarter being in a different position than in earlier Largeframe engines the engine had to be opened to change the shaft when mounting a version more suited to an earlier Vespa models original appearance.


Conclusion: Unobtrusive vintage appearance, that still attracts the trained eyes attention. The SIP kickstarters provide the icing on the cake for any restoration build project!


The Best Set Up – Our SIP TIP:

  • During every major engine service do not forget to also replace the kickstarter buffers (#86071000)
  • Worn or damaged gear cogs (#11352640) also belong in the parts bin in the sky and should be replaced. (#11352640)
  • A kickstarter return spring in good condition ensures the kickstarter remains in place when not in use. (#47218000)
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Detailed view of 3 silver-coloured metal engine parts from SIP.
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