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Product image for 'Jetting Kit SI SIP PERFORMANCE 130-132-135-138-140, 5315800  78Title'
Jetting Kit SI SIP PERFORMANCE 130-132-135-138-140, 5315800 78
Part no.: 40260100
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6g / Piece
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Jetting Kit SI SIP PERFORMANCE 130-132-135-138-140, 5315800 78

for SI 20.15-17 A-D/​20.20-26.26E/​G/​H/​27.23 main jet

Grade 1 - perfect repair
OEM number(s): 5315800 78 - 4576 (DELLORTO)
17 ratings
VAT included Plus shipping
6g / Piece
Part no.: 40260100

Product description

In the SI carburettor, the main jet is located in the jet block under the mixer tube and main air correction jet. It is responsible for making a certain amount of petrol available for premixing. With all tuning measures, no matter how small, it is necessary for the main jets to be raised, as they mainly impact on the middle and upper rev range. Their effect is linked very closely with the other components of the middle SI jet block and for comprehensive tuning, it is necessary for all of the components involved to be adjusted accordingly.

In recent times DELLORTO have regrettably been unable to deliver some of the more important jet sizes for their carburettors. The quality of certain after-market reproduction jets is unacceptable for us at SIP. For these reasons we have teamed up with the people at KOSO to have our own jets produced, complete with the SIP logo!

While the sizes of the DELLORTO jets can vary up to +/- 0.05mm from the given value, the SIP jets are much more precisely produced with their sizes only varying by +/- 0.005mm.

Those who've tuned carburettors and found the actual jet size does not correspond to the number engraved on the side, know what we're talking about. If 105 is written on it, then there'd better be 105 in it! Anything else is a cheap trick.

The size of the jets increases on the basis of one, two and three stages. The jets get increasingly richer. Simply attach the corresponding size to part no 4026. The jets from 142 upwards are redesigned specially under the SIP PERFORMANCE logo as DELL'ORTO is only able to supply jet up to 140.

The SI 105-128 and 130-140 jetting kits each contain 5 and/or 10 jets and are an ideal basic programme for any tuner.

Conclusion: Finest quality, perfect value for money and exact sizes are once more available.


SIP-TIP: For optimum tuning in the middle and upper rev range order a corresponding mixer tube (e.g. BE4 art no. 40406000) at the same time.

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 5315800 78 - 4576 (DELLORTO)
EAN Number: 42603352507768

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