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Product image for 'Jet KMT 55 Ø 5 mmTitle' Images may differ from the original
Product image for 'Jet KMT 55 Ø 5 mmTitle' Images may differ from the original

Jet KMT 55 Ø 5 mm

for KEIHIN PWK/​PWM idle jet

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The most extensive tuning motor with the most expensive components is not worth much when an asthmatic carburettor is not capable of providing an ideal combustion due to vague set up and adjustment possibilities.


This is where small, inexpensive parts play a major role in the construction of any internal combustion motor – The carburettors jets! Components that are usually overlooked during motor construction projects. In order to set up any carburettor to suit the motor correctly, accurately produced carburettor jets are essential. Regrettably this cannot be said of the items made by many of the current producers of carburettor spares. Even the products available from the original producers vary in size and accuracy. The worst examples however are provided by the jetting kits made by the more economic producers. Badly finished jet bore holes or production impurities typical of these products makes accurate re-jetting impossible.


KMT, a small-scale producer from the home of the mods and the scooterboys, have decided to provide an effective solution to this problem. They have made it their utmost priority to produce absolutely exact, high-end quality jets for all common carburettor types.


The result of their efforts is more than impressive! The KMT produced jets even look better than previously available parts and the materials and finish are of high-end quality. They are presented in professional looking special boxes with transparent lids, allowing an immediate overview of their content and the sizes available during carburettor servicing. The clearly legible engraved numbers and sizes are easily recognisable in the heat of the moment, avoiding mistakes during set up.


The most relevant advantage of the KMT carburettor jets is the precision of their inner bore holes, which are especially smooth and even. Their inner diameters correspond exactly to the value engraved on their flanks as they have a manufacturing tolerance of 0.005-0.01mm, which is especially tight. This exactness allows reliable and clear differences between the individual jet sizes. At the end of their quite involved production process each jet is cleaned and inspected, ensuring an obstruction free operation and metering of the fuel/air mixture.


Their advantages summarised:

- Especially precise bore holes. 

- Very fine tolerances of 0.005-0.01mm.

- High quality material and production.

- Clearly legible engraved values.

- High-end presentation/storage box.


The KMT carburettor jets simplify accurate carburettor jet adjustment enormously. The re-jetting process with them produces comprehensible and repeatable results as the steps between the sizes are constant and the jets actually have a size identical to the value indicated. A simple method to achieve satisfying results while equipping the carburettor with the correct jetting required for efficient combustion.


Conclusion : High quality components at excellent value for money!


Minimal tolerances/Constant size grades/High-end jets/Transparent lid


SIP- TIP: We recommend the use of jets by a single manufacturer due to the varying manufacturing tolerances between factories.

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