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Product Image for 'Indicator KitTitle'
Indicator Kit
for Vespa LX/​LXV/​S 50-150ccm
Product No.: MV400069
Plus shipping
785g / Pair
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Product Image for 'Indicator KitTitle'
Product Image for 'Indicator KitTitle'
Product Image for 'Indicator KitTitle'
Product Image for 'Indicator KitTitle'
Product Image for 'Indicator KitTitle'
Product Image for 'Indicator KitTitle'
Product Image for 'Indicator KitTitle'
Product Image for 'Indicator KitTitle'

Indicator Kit

for Vespa LX/​LXV/​S 50-150ccm
  • black toned
  • indicator socket: LED
  • with daytime running lamp function front: blue/​rear: red
  • with E4 norm
as a nice accessory

Product description

A LED Indicator Kit with integrated sidelights feature. These LED lamps ensure improved visibility in traffic, even noticeable during the daylight hours! The front sidelights are blue in colour while at the rear they are red. The colour of the indicator lamps themselves remains the standard orange shade. We recommend they be wired to the parking lights at the front and with the back light unit at the rear. A little technical knowledge is required to successfully complete this modification.

EU certificated / available with as a clear or black version


When you replace your indicators with LED indicators the frequency of the intermittent signal can, on certain scooters, be increased. To compensate for this anomaly, each separate indicator requires a resistor unit (#85032200) to be incorporated into its power supply cable.


SIP–TIP : Why not complete the look with the inclusion of a LED rear light unit?


SIP–Community User '08erfinder09':

"Great! I mounted these indicators today and what can I say? They are extremely cool, look brilliant and work straight from the first moment, just like the originals!"

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MV400069 Blinker Kit für Vespa LX/LXV/S

Naja.... Heute die Blinker montiert: Abgesehen von den nicht vorhandenen Steckern und der damit verbundenen Stückelarbeit am Kabel, muss ich mir jetzt auch noch Widerstände besorgen, was leider nirgendwo vermerkt ist ... also vorsichtshalber nochmal 12,- EUR ausgeben .. Warum macht man es nciht vernünftig, so wie bei dem MK II LED-Rücklicht, da ist ein vernünftiger Stecker dran .. schade! Trotzdem 2 Sterne weils trotzdem GEIL aussieht!


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