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Ignition PINASCO FLYTECH, 25356856 for Vespa 125 V15-33/VM/VN/ACMA/150 VB1/VGL1/VL
Part no.: 25356836
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3kg / Piece
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Ignition PINASCO FLYTECH, 25356856

for Vespa 125 V15-33/​VM/​VN/​ACMA/​150 VB1/​VGL1/​VL

  • flywheel ca.: 1600g
  • incl. stator plate, ignition coil, voltage regulator

TUNING SPORT - powerful

For race use only. Not admitted in the area of the German StVZO!
OEM number(s): 25356856 (PINASCO)
7 ratings
VAT included Free shipping
3kg / Piece
Part no.: 25356836

Product description

PINASCO can now offer a further alternative to the classics provided by VESPATRONIC, PARMAKIT, etc. with the presentation of their newly developed 'Flytech' variable ignition system. This ignition possesses a pre-set curve that helps support the performance of the motor throughout the whole rev range. The system provides an electrical supply of 90W at 12V, similar to the Vespa Cosa type set up.


The main innovative features of the PINASCO system are found in the design of the flywheel unit. Two new developments have been presented in order to optimise the overall performance of the motor to which this system is fitted. The noticeably wider design of the magnets are surrounded by a sturdy, protective steel ring which fixes them firmly in position and prevents them from loosening and falling out. It also has the function of stabilising them in case of a crankshaft stub breakage. In spite of the flywheels overall weight (1.4–1.8 Kg) being similar to other performance ignitions this particular set up has a noticeably increased centrifugal inertia. The centrifugal mass of the flywheel is enhanced by the shrink–fit steel ring which is positioned further from its axis due to its greater diameter. This causes increased inertia, as a built-in safety feature, and helps prevent damage to the motor being caused by over-revving. This makes it an ideal candidate for inclusion in touring set ups, with up to 20 PS. The dimensions of the flywheel remover needed are 28 x 1 mm. The fanwheel, made from a hard Nylon material, features an optimised fin design that is able to deliver 20% more air for perfect cooling of the cylinder.


The electronic regulator unit delivers 12V AC & DC which also enables battery charging with no extra components required!


Conclusion : A well thought out performance enhancing electronic ignition system suitable for all standard motor set ups, as well as touring motors with up to around 20 PS power output.


SIP-TIP : In case your Vespa model only has a 6V electrical system, do not forget to order a set of 12V bulbs along with the suitable SERIE PRO wiring harness and a new flywheel nut.


The ignition of the Vespa 125 V15-33 / VM / VN / ACMA / 150 VB1 / VGL1 / VL / GS VS1-5 models are equipped with a 6V voltage regulator. If necessary it can be replaced with a 12V voltage regulator.

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 25356856 (PINASCO)

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