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Ignition Coil TEC for Vespa 50 R 2°/Revival/S 2°/Special/SR/SS/90 2°/R/100/125 PV/P125-150X/P150S

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Part no.: 85010500
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304g / Piece
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Ignition Coil TEC

for Vespa 50 R 2°/​Revival/​S 2°/​Special/​SR/​SS/​90 2°/​R/​100/​125 PV/​P125-150X/​P150S

also for Vespa 90 SS/​125 VNB6T/​GT/​GTR/​Super/​TS/​150 VBB2T 2°/​GL 2°/​Sprint/​V/​Super
  • exterior, breaker ignition
  • black
  • with HT lead
Grade B - decent repair

In stock

7 ratings
Including VAT Plus shipping
304g / Piece

Product description

High Tension (HT) Ignition coils and Capacitor Discharge Ignition (CDI) units have a tough existence and are therefore often in need of replacement.

The outboard HT coils for the contact breaker ignition models, up to the VESPA 150 VL/VB/GS, are all available and in stock.


Ignition coils for electronic ignitions are called CDI units. The CDI unit for the PX models is necessary for the conversion from contact breaker ignition to electronic ignition. If you notice any ignition problems, such as misfiring, it is often due to defective connections or moisture having entered the unit.


Conclusion: These parts are essential spares for any home garage or workshop and if you forget to have one with you on a longer run, you will regret it should anything happen.


OEM numbers (for comparisons): 132299-244114-96013-114457-124830-152735-143062-90613-97805-90612-98053-150700-151931 (PIAGGIO)

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