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Holding Plate cables for Vespa 50/N/L/R 1°/S 1°/Special V5A2/V5B1/2/3 1°/4/SR/SS/90 1°/R/SS/125/PV 1°/ET3 1°

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Part no.: 25303100
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Holding Plate cables

for Vespa 50/​N/​L/​R 1°/​S 1°/​Special V5A2/​V5B1/​2/​3 1°/​4/​SR/​SS/​90 1°/​R/​SS/​125/​PV 1°/​ET3 1°

  • incl. adjusting screw M5
Grade A - perfect repair

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48g / Piece

Product description

Mounting bracket for gearshift cables on Vespa Smallframes. Housing and guide for clutch and gearshift.


The housing bracket of the clutch cable is bolted to the engine. The brackets are particular to the exact version of the engine and to the clutch cover used. The correct bracket ensures that the clutch cable lines up properly with the clutch lever. Using a new bracket is not only a good idea if the old one was lost, but also when it is bent. If this is the case if it will be detrimental to the clutch’s performance and should be replaced.


SIP-TIP: Use our SIP Performance Cables for best performance possible with little friction losses between headset and engine.

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 79001 (PIAGGIO)

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Detail view of 3 silver-coloured metal engine parts from SIP.
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