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Height Reducer Kit SIP 667872 rear for Vespa Primavera/Sprint 125-150ccm i.e. 3V 4T AC
Part no.: MV667872
VAT included Plus shipping
125g / Piece
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Height Reducer Kit SIP 667872 rear

for Vespa Primavera/​Sprint 125-150ccm i.e. 3V 4T AC

  • steel
  • homologation: KBA 91879
OEM number(s): 667872 (PIAGGIO)
3 ratings
VAT included Plus shipping
125g / Piece
Part no.: MV667872

Product description

If the rear suspension of a scooter is lowered the seating height can also be reduced by a few centimetres. Diminutive riders can especially benefit from this possibility, eliminating any problems with vehicle stability while waiting at the lights or parking.


The SIP rear suspension lowering kit sinks the seating height by about two centimetres, from an original 850mm to a more acceptable 830mm. In the end it is essential that the rider retains full control of their scooter at all times while riding and this is only possible if both of their feet can reach the roads surface while seated!


This kits installation is fairly simple and can be carried out by anyone who knows how to swing a spanner, or your local scooter workshop.

  • Seating height lowered to 830mm (original 850mm).
  • Scooters rear sinks two centimetres
  • Assures maximum stability and traffic safety.
  • The rear shock absorber retains its full working distance. ,
  • An easily realisable, efficient and economic solution.
  • Fitted in a matter of minutes.
  • MOT approved.

Our recommendation – The SIP-TIP:

  • To further increase vehicle comfort to any pillion passengers why not fit the SIP footrests?
  • Protect your scooters frame and paintwork with a set of crash-bars.

Scene feedback

?The individualisation of cars and bikes ? and not just their outer appearance ? has become an everyday job for vehicle dealers. A main part of this work involves lowering the suspension, which on two-wheelers also lowers the seat height decisively for the rider. This increases both rider control and enjoyment. SIP have such a kit available now for the Vespa Primavera and Sprint models. According to the team at SIP this kit lowers the ride-height by about two centimetres at the rear of the scooter, providing a seat height of 830mm instead of the standard 850mm. According to SIP this conversion can be fitted in about half an hour and includes full road legal approval certification?.

- World of Bike ? October 2020

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 667872 (PIAGGIO)

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