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Handlebar PASCOLI for Vespa 98/125 V1-11T

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Part no.: 81650000
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1,45kg / Piece
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Product image for 'Handlebar PASCOLITitle'

Handlebar PASCOLI

for Vespa 98/​125 V1-11T

  • chrome
  • incl. selector unit, lever, throttle grip, handlebar stem

On demand

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Including VAT Free shipping
1,45kg / Piece

Product description

The oldest Vespa models are not equipped with a cast steering head but a so-called open handlebar. While the early wide frames still carried their headlamps on the mudguard, the headlamp and the speedometer are already on the handlebar in the case of the VL models.


We now stock handlebars for the models with a "headlight mudguard" (Faro Basso) - which until now could only be found with a lot of luck and at horrific prices on the parts markets - in an extremely high quality finish, chrome plated by MAURO PASCOLI, as well as the somewhat cheaper reproduction version.


The handlebars for the VL (light on top) can be delivered with an opening for the original VL speedometer, as well as with an oval opening. As a particularly eye-catching feature, the SIP rev counter of the ET3 models may be installed here. The VL handlebars also fit onto the French ACMA models, however they differ in terms of the shape of the headlamp.


All Wideframe handlebars are already fitted with a selector unit, as well as lever and throttle grip. With some handicraft skills in terms of the handlebar clamping, the opden handlebars with headlamps are also suitable for the HOD ROD custom rebuilding of large frame models. (Holder handlebar for Vespa VM/VN part no. 43583500)


SIP-TIP: Order new "vintage" cable covers and rubber collar for the gear handle at the same time.

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 2741 - 2758 - 13234 - 13267 (PIAGGIO) #W8165 (Mauro Pascoli)

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