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Product Image for 'Hand Grip Covers TUCANO URBANO "Easy-On"Title'
Hand Grip Covers TUCANO URBANO "Easy-On"
Product No.: TUR362
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550g / Piece
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Product Image for 'Hand Grip Covers TUCANO URBANO "Easy-On"Title'
Product Image for 'Hand Grip Covers TUCANO URBANO "Easy-On"Title'
Product Image for 'Hand Grip Covers TUCANO URBANO "Easy-On"Title'
Product Image for 'Hand Grip Covers TUCANO URBANO "Easy-On"Title'
Product Image for 'Hand Grip Covers TUCANO URBANO "Easy-On"Title'
Product Image for 'Hand Grip Covers TUCANO URBANO "Easy-On"Title'

Hand Grip Covers TUCANO URBANO "Easy-On"

  • neoprene
  • black
  • for handlebars w/​o bar end weight

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Product description

“There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing“. Italian accessories supplier TUCANO URBANO sure enough has taken up the cause of proving this proverb. For years now, they have been providing high-quality clothing and accessories to the 2-wheel market. Universal handlebar/grip muffs by TUCANO URBANO. These fur-lined muffs are just slid over the handlebar ends and fastened to the handlebar using the holders or the enclosed ribbons. The controls and instruments at the handlebar are freely accessible and can be operated without problem.


Hand grip cover set from heavy nylon or from light neoprene. In the milder autumn temperatures, neoprene grip covers should be used. In the winter, we recommend the heavy nylon design with a fur inner lining.


Hand Grip Cover: "Easy On"




Hand Grip Cover: "Streamlined"




  • Simple fitting system
  • Neopren outer covering 5mm
  • Synthetic fur thermal padding on the back of the hand
  • Waterproof
  • More internal volume for the hand and for the thumb

  • No constraints to the movement of the levers (no interior plastic)

  • Rigid opening with elastic windproof adjuster
  • Hard outer covering for high speed perfomances
  • Reflective pattern
  • for handlebars without bar end weights
OEM numbers (for comparisons): R362 X ()

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TUR362 Griff-/Lenkerstulpen TUCANO

kalte Finger? Vorbei! Die Montage ist grundsätzlich kinderleicht, nur bei der Halterung musste ich nacharbeiten, da mein Kupplungshebel (PK 50 XL2) etwas tief sitzt. Aber auch das dauert nur 5 Minuten. Die Kälte überträgt sich zwar an den beiden Hebeln, aber da sind ja die Finger nicht dauerhaft dran. Wer ganz empfindlich ist, trägt dünne Handschuhe drunter - ich fahr ohne und hab keine kalten Finger mehr! Für den Winter einfach top!!!


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