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Grips "Superflex" Ø 22/22 mm l 120 mm for Vespa 125 VNB 3-6/150 VB1/VBA/VBB/VGL1/VGLA-B/150 GS VS2-5/160 GS

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Grips "Superflex" Ø 22/22 mm l 120 mm

for Vespa 125 VNB 3-6/​150 VB1/​VBA/​VBB/​VGL1/​VGLA-B/​150 GS VS2-5/​160 GS

  • for Ø 22/22mm tubes
  • l 120 mm
  • Øi 20/20 mm
  • green transparent
as an attractive accessory

In stock

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Including VAT Plus shipping
170g / Pair

Product description

"Bubble" and "Superflex" grips were the hot items to have in the seventies. These grips are slightly too short, so leaving a noticeable gap between the inner grip and the handlebar cover. This can be solved by shortening the handlebar tubes themselves. To complete the period look we also have colour coordinated handlebar lever covers and handlebar grip tassles. Grooving in style back to the 70s!

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