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Glovebox Door Trim left SIP for Vespa GTS/GTS Super/GTV/GT 60/GT/GT L 125-300ccm
Part no.: MV400056
VAT included Plus shipping
112g / Piece
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Glovebox Door Trim left SIP

for Vespa GTS/​GTS Super/​GTV/​GT 60/​GT/​GT L 125-300ccm

  • black
  • incl. 2-fold USB 2.0 connection
63 ratings
VAT included Plus shipping
112g / Piece
Part no.: MV400056

Product description

These glovebox door trims with a 12V plug connection are essential once you have a navigation system fitted to your scooter. This USB hub-adapter is ideal for simultaneous loading of both your mobile phone and navigation device while out and about on your scooter.

The plug/USB connector is quickly and easily attached to the existing connector on the wiring-loom.

The USB connection included on the Vespa GTS/GTS Super models produced since 2014, can be attached to the USB port located in the toolbox. This job can be simplified by first removing the front left-hand indicator unit.


Both ports supply 5V of power.

EAN Number: 42602771808227

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