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Gasket carburettor casing/engine for Vespa 125 VNB-TS/150 VBA-Super/Rally/PX80-200/PE/Lusso/T5
Part no.: 92201000
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1g / Piece
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Gasket carburettor casing/engine

for Vespa 125 VNB-TS/​150 VBA-Super/​Rally/​PX80-200/​PE/​Lusso/​T5

  • w/o oil pump
Grade B - decent repair
22 ratings
Including VAT Plus shipping
1g / Piece

Product description

When working on the carburettor your existing paper seals can easily become damaged. The carburettor becomes leaky, drips and draws in undesired air. For this reason it is a good idea to use new gaskets in the case of reassembly. We stock the gaskets for the carburettor/carburettor casing and carburettor casing / engine for the SI 20.15-26-26 that are available both with and without holes for separate oil injection.

Conclusion: A must for all work on your carburettor.


SIP-TIP: For a full upgrade to your carburettor the best idea is to order the carburettor gasket set (e.g. part no 92978000 for SI 20.20.-26.26E/G) at the same time.


SIP community user 'karsten62’ on part no 92204000: "A top product! Make sure you've got one at home: top!“

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 131079 - 120245 (PIAGGIO)

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