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Product image for 'Fuel Pump DELL'ORTOTitle'
Part no.: 98810000
Including VAT Plus shipping
150g / Piece
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Product image for 'Fuel Pump DELL'ORTOTitle' Images may differ from the original
Product image for 'Fuel Pump DELL'ORTOTitle' Images may differ from the original
Product image for 'Fuel Pump DELL'ORTOTitle' Images may differ from the original
Product image for 'Fuel Pump DELL'ORTOTitle'
Product image for 'Fuel Pump DELL'ORTOTitle'
Product image for 'Fuel Pump DELL'ORTOTitle'


  • vacuum, complete, incl. mounting material

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9 ratings
Including VAT Plus shipping
150g / Piece

Product description

Fuel pumps facilitate a constant flow of fuel between the fuel tank and the carburettor. The key thing to watch out for in this context is if the carburettor and tank are not positioned favourably. If a tuning carburettor is located to far above the tank, it is not possible to build up enough pressure to sufficiently fill up the float chamber. In this case, a fuel pump will ensure sufficient pressure and thereby guarantee a reliable supply of petrol. We stock this product in two versions (mechanical and electronic).


The MIKUNI pressure pumps convince thanks to their superb performance and compact dimensions. They are powered automatically by the pulse created by the engine. We stock this product with an output rate of 14l/h and 20l/h.

We also stock a pressure fuel pump from DELL'ORTO which is not electronically powered. Depending on the revs, its output totals up to 55 litres per hour. It is delivered complete in a kit including all the necessary attachment parts.


The electronic SIP fuel pump achieves an output of approx. 100L/h at a very low power consumption of 12V/1.5A. As it gets its electricity from the scooters battery it is not suitable for long term operation, however.

The PIERBURG E1F fuel pump belongs to the new generation of electronic fuel pumps, built according to DIN E 51606. With an output rate of up to 95 litres/h at a power consumption of 12V/2A its lifespan totals over 2,000 hours at non-stop operation.


Conclusion: That's how it works!


SIP-TIP: When using a fuel pump a smaller float needle valve seat should be used to ensure proofing against raised pump pressure.


SIP community user mr-Speed on part no 98810000:

"Works perfectly and the overflow system means the carburettor only gets as much fuel as it actually needs."

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 11023 (DELLORTO)

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Good quality kit with everything i need.


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