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Fuel Hose TOYOX

  • Ø 8x13,5 mm
  • l 1000 mm
  • rubber
  • transparent
  • non-foldable

Grade 1* - first-class repair
OEM number(s): SF524-0707 + B-13240704 (LML)

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13 ratings
VAT included Plus shipping
€9.10 / Meters 149g / Piece
Part no.: 40281300

Product description

The fuel hose is the most important link between the fuel tank and engine. If it gets damaged, worn or hardens it has to be urgently replaced as in the worst case scenario, the fuel line can get yanked off and the engine will run very leanly.


In addition to fuel hoses we also stock standard fuel hoses made from rubber (Ø 7x12mm) as well as high quality fuel pumps (Ø either 6 or 8x12mm) with STAHLFLEX cover and with a fabric sheathing. These are very hard wearing and stay soft and flexible for longer than hoses made from rubber.

Additionally we also have a fuel supply tube available that is produced by TOYOX. This high end item has a steel spiral incorporated into its design that makes squashing and folding of the fuel supply history! It can be reversed within an inch and will not become brittle during use thanks to the high end material used in their manufacture.



SIP-TIPP: The fuel tank exit adapter, part no 15877000 prevents the fuel hose from getting kinks.

OEM numbers (for comparisons): SF524-0707 + B-13240704 (LML)

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