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Engine MALOSSI 94cc RC-One for MINARELLI

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Part no.: M4917546
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€3,999.00 / Piece 26kg / Piece
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Engine MALOSSI 94cc RC-One


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On demand

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Including VAT Free shipping
€3,999.00 / Piece 26kg / Piece

Product description

The present-day tuning horizon of the 50cc automatic motor class has been significantly extended by MALOSSI with the presentation of their brand-new 'C-One and RC-One' motor casings.


Tuning work, previously limited by the restrictive dimensions of the original crankcases, is now possible without extra material being added by welding etc. The area surrounding the transfer ports has been more massively designed, the inlet port is also noticeably larger along with the bearing and oil seal seatings, the electric-starter opening has been closed and the constructional rigidity has been improved by a redesigned crankcase geometry. These are the main differences compared to the original.

In addition these further modifications can also be found

  • The ignition has been changed to be compatible with the MALOSSI internal rotor ignition system, an extra adaptor plate is no longer necessary
  • MALOSSI 'Overrange' kit compatible
  • The cylinder inlet opening diameter has been increased to 61mm, making it compatible with the MHR Team II, and other big-bore cylinder kits
  • The shock absorber mounting has been repositioned and reinforced
  • Both disc and drum-brake compatible
  • Engine stud threading for both the original cylinders dimensions and also cylinder adapter plates
  • Pre-drilled vacuum connection
  • VL-18 reed-valve assembly including a recalculated, gas-flowed inlet angle
  • C-One Øcrank case housing: 73mm
  • RC-One Øcrank case housing: 78mm
  • RC-One is just for Flange mount fitting

Technical Details

  • Aluminium motor casing with weighing 5.25 Kg
  • Distance between the crankshaft axis and the driven pulley axis = 270mm
  • Engine stud spacing = 48 x 48mm
  • Crankshaft bearing dimensions = 20x47x14mm
  • Tempered 8.8 steel engine studs (UNI EN 20898/1)
  • PTFE crankshaft oil-seal kit
  • VL-18 reed-valve assembly
  • X 360 carburettor manifold

Our recommendation - SIP-TIP :

  • The gearbox cover is not included in the delivery. We recommend the use of the MHR gearbox cover (# M2514603), also by MALOSSI!
OEM numbers (for comparisons): 4917546 (MALOSSI)
EAN Number: 4260438376825

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