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E-Scooter METZ Moover grey, Road Legal
Part no.: E100100G
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20,48kg / Piece
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E-Scooter METZ Moover

grey, Road Legal

  • Engine Power: 250 W
  • Max. Engine Power: 500 W
  • Max. Reach: 25 km
  • Max. Speed: 20 km/h
  • Charging Time: 4,0 h
  • Battery Capacity: 36V 6 ah (210 Wh)
  • Weight: 16,3 kg
  • Max. Payload: 110 kg
  • Tyres: 12" pneumatic tyres
  • with ABE according to eKFV
  • with thumb throttle grip
  • perfect workmanship, Made in Germany
Cruising - Comfort Plus
5% €1,298.00
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VAT included Free shipping
20,48kg / Piece
Part no.: E100100G

Product description

The Metz e-scooter Moover is Made in Germany, and was the first e-scooter to be approved for road use in Germany. The Moover is exceptionally well designed, comfortable to drive due to its large 12-inch pneumatic tyres and very stable. It’s a luxury piece of equipment! It comes with strong disc brakes and a motor that delivers a good performance, also on gradients. The e-kickscooter features a brushless 250 W motor with a peak output of up to 500 watts. A cruiser in a class of its own, and which is great fun.


Above all else, the METZ MOOVER inspires due to its flawless workmanship and excellent driving comfort. Its tyres have a stately diameter of 30 cm, which beats almost everything else on the market. The GO!MATE stæp is the only competitor in this respect. The 12-inch pneumatic tyres absorb every uneven surface. The brushless motor has a peak output of 500 watts and takes the Moover to top speed in 5 seconds (Computer Bild test, 17.09.2019, test of the Metz Moover). The warp-resistant frame holds up perfectly and provides for control in every situation. This makes it a luxury-class cruiser. Its large disc brakes and wide footboard complete the package, and put a smile on the face of every test driver. The Metz Moover is approved for road traffic in Germany according to the eKFV.

  • Luxury level driving fun
  • High-quality Made in Germany finishing and warp-resistant frame
  • Very big 12-inch pneumatic tyres for greater comfort
  • Large disc brakes
  • LED lights with daytime running light

More fun cruising

The METZ MOOVER can be described as an all-round talent in the luxury class. The e-scooter is largely made from metal and wood, and isn’t just Made in Germany, it also looks like it is. Its torsion-resistant frame and the wide footboard convey an immediate sense of security. Although it doesn't have the most powerful on the market, with 250 watts of continuous power, its 500 watt peak power output ensures plenty of fun, which doesn't stop at steep gradients. It accelerates freely to the maximum permitted speed without any problem, and could probably do even more if it were allowed to. The large 12-inch pneumatic tyres provide excellent comfort over almost any surface, which means it doesn’t need suspension. Its relatively high weight of 16 kg is barely noticeable when driving; it could be a little lighter to carry though.


Finishing and safety

With its excellent finishing, wide footboard and torsion-resistant frame, you get a feeling of control and safety when driving the METZ MOOVER. Its classic design conveys value, and its fixed-installation luggage rack ensures luggage can be safely stowed. Its folding mechanism engages slots into place cleanly and securely, and does so smoothly at the transition between steering column and footboard. Simply give it a couple of pushes and the electric motor is activated with the thumb throttle, before the kilometres melt away in the wind. The e-scooter is powered by a brushless hub motor and features a disc brake at the front and rear. The Metz Moover also has a unique walking speed mode (maximum 6 km/h). The e-scooter is equipped with LED lights and daytime running lights at the front and rear. These mean it is also great for an evening journey.


Conclusion: For those interested in a luxury e-scooter and who value the highest levels of workmanship and safety, the METZ MOOVER is a good choice. Despite its relatively high weight, the Moover is very agile. Its large 12-inch tyres provide for a high level of comfort and negotiate smaller curbs with ease.

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Feedback from the scene (Test of the first legal electric scooter in Germany, 7.4.2019): "The test highlights of the Metz Moover are its powerful disc brakes and its ability to negotiate gradients with ease..."


ADAC Test 2019 (comparison of eight e-scooters, 12.11.2019): "Test result GOOD (grade: 2.5)." (test of the Metz Moover, 17.09.2019): "A stylish luxury scooter. The Metz Moover is an e-scooter that's 'Made in Germany'. This red racer easily occupies one of the top places in the big test." (test of the Metz Moover and driving report, 20.03.2019): "... the solid finishing of this scooter is clear at first glance. The engine also proved to be very powerful – it mastered moderate gradients with ease, without any loss of power, right up to the last metre."

Technical details of the METZ Moover:

Length:117,5 cm
Height:100-117 cm
Width:51 cm
Fold up size:100 x 26 x 64 cm
Handlebar Height Adjustment:17 cm
Tyres front/rear:12" pneumatic tyres
Suspension:no suspension
Brakes:disc brake front and rear
Top Speed:20km/h
Motor:36V-250 W, rear wheel drive
Battery:LI-ION, 36 V 6 AH
Charging Time:4 hours
Display:LCD display
Range:approx.25 km
Loading Capacity:110 kg
Suitable from14 years 
Weight:16 kg
Road Legal (in Germany):StVZO zugelassen nach eKFV 
Light:LED front & rear
Colour:black, grey, red, white




OEM numbers (for comparisons): 090170095 (METZ) (EAN)

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