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Product image for 'E-Scooter IO HAWK Exit-Cross-EntryTitle'
E-Scooter IO HAWK Exit-Cross-Entry black, Second Hand
Part no.: E100202SG4
15% €999.00
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Product image for 'E-Scooter IO HAWK Exit-Cross-EntryTitle' Images may differ from the original
Product image for 'E-Scooter IO HAWK Exit-Cross-EntryTitle' Images may differ from the original
Product image for 'E-Scooter IO HAWK Exit-Cross-EntryTitle' Images may differ from the original
Product image for 'E-Scooter IO HAWK Exit-Cross-EntryTitle' Images may differ from the original
Product image for 'E-Scooter IO HAWK Exit-Cross-EntryTitle'
Product image for 'E-Scooter IO HAWK Exit-Cross-EntryTitle'
Product image for 'E-Scooter IO HAWK Exit-Cross-EntryTitle'
Product image for 'E-Scooter IO HAWK Exit-Cross-EntryTitle'

E-Scooter IO HAWK Exit-Cross-Entry

black, Second Hand

  • Engine Power: 500 W
  • Max. Engine Power: 500 W
  • Max. Reach: 30 km
  • Max. Speed: 20 km/h
  • Charging Time: 5-6 h
  • Battery Capacity: 48V 10,4 ah (499,2Wh)
  • Weight: 19,8 kg
  • Max. Payload: 120 kg
  • 10" off road tyre
  • with ABE according to eKFV
  • with throttle lever
  • 2nd hand, overhauled
Road legal !
Cross/All Terrain - Extra Fun
15% €999.00

Product description

Drive on any surface! With its full suspension, the IO HAWK Exit-Cross doesn’t shy away from stunts and jumps. At the same time, the front and rear shock absorbers ensure an especially comfortable ride. The Exit-Cross is protected against wet weather according to IP54 and has an output of some 500 watts. With its powerful 48 volt battery, it can handle gradients of up to 20 degrees with ease. An e-scooter of the superlatives.


In version 2.0 of its successful model of e-scooter, the IO HAWK Exit-Cross, IO HAWK, the inventor of the hoverboard, has once again proven itself to be one of the best in several tests. A total of three different versions are available: Entry, Premium and Exclusive. All versions have an even greater range of features than the previous version 1.6., which was already one of the best four e-scooters in Germany. With the Exit-Cross Entry version, you already get a great helping of off-road fun from the excellent 500 watt motor.


What makes the Exit-Cross Entry so interesting:

  • Lowest cost version of the Exit-Cross
  • Powerful 500 watt motor
  • 2 shock absorbers at the front and rear
  • Extra wide footboard (approx. 22 cm) for secure positioning
  • Cross tyres for every surface
  • 2 independent disc brakes with mechanical precision
  • LED lights and indicators

Entry, Premium and Exclusive – the finer points of difference

The battery capacity is a decisive factor! While the Premium and Exclusive get a full 748.8 Wh and a range of up to 52 km from the 48 V battery, with the Entry version, only the small variant, with 499.2 Wh and 30 km is available. There's an important difference with the brakes as well: In comparison with the mechanical disc brakes on the Entry model, the Premium model has one hydraulic disc brake and the Exclusive model two. The Exclusive version in particular, comes with countless additional features: These include, for example, the improved front suspension, a large colour display, GPS positioning, an immobiliser, push function and much more.


Off the road – and how!

The Exit-Cross Entry weighs some 19.8 kg, but it also has plenty of power. The 500 watt rear wheel motor provides plenty of drive and can cope with gradients of up to 20 degrees. The footboard is almost twice as wide as that of a conventional e-scooter and provides for maximum hold. The built-in shock absorbers cushion plenty of bumps. In combination with the 10-inch cross tyres, you get a genuine off-road feeling and the best grip, even on wet roads. Speaking of weather: With its IP54 certification and sturdy design, this e-scooter can also be used in rainy weather or even snow. Two mechanical disc brakes ensure decent deceleration.


Let there be light!

IO HAWK has also done a great job with the lights on the Exit-Cross. All the models have bright LED lighting at the front and rear. The Entry and Premium models also have an additional brake light for greater road safety. The indicators in the handlebars have finally solved the problem of one-handed turning in traffic.


Conclusion: If you’re looking for a high-end off-road e-scooter, you’ll find it with the Exit-Cross. Comparing the features makes sense. Upgrading to the Premium or Exclusive version can make sense simply because of the much greater battery capacity. And there are many more features on top!


Our recommendations – the SIP TIP:

  • Think about upgrading to Premium/Exclusive
  • Consider a lock, spare inner tube and repair kit!
  • For shopping and day trips, we have the appropriate bags, baskets and a suitable fastening set for you

Feedback from the scene (31.07.2019): "The IO Hawk Exit Cross likes the dirt. ....."The IO-Hawk scooter is also tough thanks to its effective shock absorbers and thick tyres with their deep tread. Equipped in this way, you can't just skip over meadows, gravel or sandy tracks without any problems. With the Exit Cross, you can even drive pretty easily on Berlin's worst cobblestone streets, while those driving rental scooter drivers have to put up with the shakes." (ADAC e-scooter test from 12.11.2019): "Quality comes at a price – grade 2.5, i.e. good! 3rd place for the Exit-Cross in the big e-scooter test by ADAC."


Grip, the motor magazine (RTL II): "Test winner! The 1A doesn’t just have the best battery range, it also has the price-performance ratio and it's great looking." (test): "This e-scooter is something very special. The Exit Cross is ideal for fans of e-scooters who don't just drive over perfect tarmac, but also go off-road." "The IO Hawk Exit-Cross – an e-scooter which is great on surfaces both rough and smooth. With its wide rubber tyres, it’s great for driving on roads and cycle paths – but it also offers much more fun, as the Hawk can also take its driver over dirt tracks, gravel roads and through parks."

E-Scooter as B-ware with small defects, but still Oho!

E-scooters as B-ware are technically flawless and functional. These are mostly customer returns or exchange units. The units may have slight scratches and/or paint damage. The devices are technically overhauled, but function perfectly. Suitable for all those for whom function is the most important thing.


Stephan, SIP Customer Care:
"Here the display of IO HAWK was exchanged. The scooter has already been used."

OEM numbers (for comparisons): (IO HAWK)

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