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E-Scooter EGRET Ten V4 36V black, Road Legal
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E-Scooter EGRET Ten V4 36V

black, Road Legal

  • Engine Power: 350 W
  • Max. Engine Power: 600 W
  • Max. Reach: 30 km
  • Max. Speed: 20 km/h
  • Charging Time: 4-6 h
  • Weight: 17,0 kg
  • Max. Payload: 100 kg
  • 10" pneumatic tyre
  • with ABE according to eKFV
  • with finger throttle grip
Cruising - Comfort Plus
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Currently not available, delivery time up to 4 weeks.
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22kg / Piece

Product description

The EGRET TEN V4 is the serial winner among e-scooters. It is available in two versions, with a 36 or 48 volt battery. But no matter which version you choose - the EGRET-TEN V4 allows comfortable cruising with enough power.


The EGRET TEN V4 is equipped with large 10-inch pneumatic tyres, which ensure a smooth and safe ride on any surface. The handlebars are stable and height-adjustable. With the index finger throttle grip and the 5 driving modes, the speed can be adjusted easily at any time. Its extra-wide footboard ensures a comfortable standing position, also on longer journeys. The motor is great fun and ensures a quick start at every traffic light. This electric scooter can also cope with moderate gradients with ease. It has a maximum range of 40 kilometres. This e-scooter can be folded up in just a few easy steps. Thanks to compact size when folded up, you can stow it in the boot or take it with you on the train. Its high-quality disc brakes at the front and rear ensure an impressive, easily controllable braking performance. The Egret V4 e-kickscooter is approved for road traffic in Germany according to the eKFV.

  • Large 10-inch pneumatic tyres for greater comfort
  • 30 km (36V) or 40 km (48V) range
  • Disc brakes at the front and rear
  • 48V: Genuine power from the 48V brushless hub motor with 500 watt and 800 watt peak
  • 36V: Enough power for joyrides with 350 watt and 600 watt peak
  • Sophisticated double folding mechanism (handlebars and steering column)

Comfortable cruising on an E-Scooter

Unlike other e-scooters, THE EGRET TEN V4 doesn’t have any additional suspension. Despite this, the driver doesn't have to go without comfort. The 10-inch pneumatic tyres iron out bumps and ensure a relaxed driving experience over any surface. This probably doesn’t include driving over cobblestones though, where additional suspension would certainly come in handy, even with the 10-inch pneumatic tyres. For a better foothold, this scooter feature an extra-wide footboard with plenty of space for both feet, which means longer journeys are also possible. The forefinger throttle grip ensures an infinitely variable speed control, which you can also adjust over 5 speed levels. The finishing is excellent!


The E-Scooter EGRET TEN V4 - Plenty of power

With a maximum power output of 800 watts, the engine of EGRET TEN V4 is a real powerhouse. Rapid acceleration and its effortless ability to master gradients are therefore major plus points of this e-scooter. It delivers 500 watts of continuous power, the maximum for use on German roads. The 48 V battery provides a great range of 40 km with 11.6 Ah. When fully discharged, the charging time is 6h, from 70% to 100% it is 2h. With this level of power, it goes without saying that you will need to be able to slow down properly. In this respect, two disc brakes ensure an excellent deceleration performance.


The EGRET TEN V4 - Fold it up & take it with you

The folding mechanism is easy to use and locks securely in place. This e-scooter takes just a few moments to fold up, and to a much smaller size: of just 107 x 18.5 x 38 cm. The handlebars and front wheel are folded backwards by releasing a locking lever in front of the footboard. The two handles of the handlebars can also be folded inwards. At 17 kg it certainly isn’t a light weight, but it’s still light enough to be able to take on the train. Thanks to its compact size when folded up, it also fits into a car boot. Its cable routing is well-designed, and it also comes with a locking bracket for protection against theft on trips to the supermarket, for example.


Conclusion: If you’re looking for a top-of-the-range, premium-class e-scooter with great finishing, the EGRET TEN V4 is a great choice. If weight isn’t so important to you, this scooter has great features, lots of power and plenty of comfort for 40 km of cruising with one battery charge and lots of fun.

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Feedback from the press

»Test winner and price-performance winner (V3)! Cool design, top quality, great fun.«

-Auto Bild (comparison of e-scooters, issue 33/2018)


»The premium all-rounder. Unique range and power output. Consistently safe to drive. (Grade 2.0)«

-ADAC Test 2019 (comparison of eight e-scooters, 12.11.2019)


»A sturdy scooter with great features. The TEN V4 model of e-scooter from EGRET is our current test winner (as of October 2019). This agile scooter gets top marks in almost every category. The only thing we found a little bit wanting, perhaps, is the handling, although that would be nit-picking. With a price of approximately 1,650 Euros, EGRET isn’t a bargain, but we still consider it to be comparatively good value.« (the best electric scooters, 7.10.2019)


»The best thing about the Egret Ten V4 is its folding mechanism. The mechanism at the lower end of its handlebars is high-quality and stable. The scooter seems to be pretty sturdy. Also, the Egret Ten V4 is the only e-scooter in our test series that can be fitted with handlebar grips.« (from 26.1.2020)


»The rear view is impressive. While other e-scooters struggle to achieve a sensible integration of the brake light and the insurance badge, here you can see the exemplary solution. [...] The Egret has what it takes to become a design icon.«, 06/2019

Technical details of the EGRET Ten V4 36V:

Length:115 cm
Height:95-115 cm
Width:54,5 cm
Fold up size:107 x 18,5 x 38 cm
Handlebar Height Adjustment:20 cm
Tyres front/rear:10" pneumatic tyres
Suspension:no suspension
Brakes:disc brake front (mechanical) and rear (hydraulic)
Top Speed:20km/h
Motor:36V-350 W, rear wheel drive
Battery:LI-ION, 36 V, 10,4 AH
Charging Time:4-6 hours
Display:LCD display
Range:approx.30 km
Loading Capacity:100 kg
Suitable from14 years 
Weight:17 kg
Road Legal (in Germany):StVZO zugelassen nach eKFV 
Light:LED front & rear
Colour:black, grey, blue

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 4260399797035 (EAN)

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