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Product image for 'E-Monowheel SEGWAY-NINEBOT ONE S2Title'
E-Monowheel SEGWAY-NINEBOT ONE S2 white, not street legal (in Germany) according to ekFV
Part no.: E100510S
VAT included Free shipping
15,4kg / Piece
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white, not street legal (in Germany) according to ekFV

  • Engine Power: 500 W
  • Max. Reach: 30 km
  • Max. Speed: 24 km/h
  • Charging Time: 3 h
  • Battery Capacity: 310 Wh
  • Weight: 11,4 kg
  • Max. Payload: 120 kg
  • Tyres: 14"
OEM number(s): 8719324556057 (EAN)
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VAT included Free shipping
15,4kg / Piece
Part no.: E100510S

Product description

The Ninebot ONE S2 is the smaller alternative to the Ninebot ONE E+ or ONE C with almost unchanged performance data. The stylish design is somewhat simpler, more modern and still unique. The side parts can be customised with labels, cover parts, graffiti or paint. This makes every Monowheel unique.


The NinebotOne S2 Monowheel masters all situations thanks to the latest technologies and sensors - no matter if on grass, gravel or other difficult road conditions. An IP54 certification ensures that neither water nor dirt can get inside the Ninebot. So even trips in the rain and other situations are no problem. The S2's small dimensions make it more convenient than ever to take it with you wherever you go. An ergonomic carrying handle make it easy to transport. Depending on the mood, the LED atmosphere lighting can be adjusted via smartphone app. The Segway Ninebot S2 is not approved for road use in Germany. Please check your local regulations for the use in your country.

  • Mega balance fun - no hoverboard can compete with it
  • Very small and space-saving
  • Suitable for many types of terrain
  • Colourful LED lighting

Balance fun for everyone

What looks so difficult at first can usually be learned quickly with average motor skills. The Ninebot One S2 has a very intuitive control and usually a beginner will be able to move safely on it within 30 minutes. And then it really gets going. With the accompanying app, individual driving skills can be measured and optimised. The main difference to hoverboards is the hands-free driving, the manoeuvrability and the possibility to get around well on uneven surfaces thanks to the large wheel size. In contrast to the hoverboard and e-scooter, it is very small, at just over 45 cm, and very easy to stow away and take with you in almost any vehicle. The many customisation options and the app settings round off this cool product and ensure a lot of fun.


  • Top speed: 24 km/h
  • Weight: 11.4 kg
  • Dimensions: 44.8 × 41.9 × 18.2 cm
  • Two batteries; one on each side
  • Customisable with labels, cover parts, graffiti or paint
  • Bluetooth: yes
  • App monitor: yes
  • Suitable for ages 16 and up
  • Li-Ion battery; 310 Wh 500 W;
  • max. charging time 3.5 hours
  • Range: up to 30km
  • Loadable up to max. 120kg
  • Water-repellent according to IP54
  • 30 KM RANGE

Conclusion: If you are looking for a high-tech balance product, the Ninebot One S is the right choice. 24 km/h fast, 30 km range - no balance board can keep up with that.

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 8719324556057 (EAN)

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