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Product image for 'Drum Brake Seating SIP PERFORMANCE ET30 5/86 rear Conversion to 10" ZIP rim/rim starTitle'
Drum Brake Seating SIP PERFORMANCE ET30 5/86 rear Conversion to 10" ZIP rim/rim star for Vespa 125 VNA-TS/150 VBA-Super/Rally/PX80-200/PE/Lusso/Cosa/T5
Part no.: 24277430
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Drum Brake Seating SIP PERFORMANCE ET30 5/86 rear Conversion to 10" ZIP rim/rim star

for Vespa 125 VNA-TS/​150 VBA-Super/​Rally/​PX80-200/​PE/​Lusso/​Cosa/​T5

  • black
  • steel
  • for rim type ET30 5x86 Center bore 46mm
  • for Brake Drum SIP 24277400
  • incl. 5 Screws M6x12 and 5 Spring Washers M6

Suspension RACE - first-class

Part no.: 24277430

Product description

The solution for easily converting the rear suspension to a 10" ZIP Rim or Rim star 5x86.


The design of the rear Brake Drum remained virtually unchanged for decades. Even when the PX received a front disc brake update with a star-shaped "Brake Drum" in the 90s, the rear one remained untouched and therefore visually inconsistent. SIP now makes it possible to upgrade this familiar brake drum world.

  • Conversion of classic Vespas to ZIP Rim ET30 or Rim star ET30 possible
  • Precise CNC manufacturing: smooth running, high-strength, lightweight
  • Available for front and rear

What we call Wheel Hub for the front Disc Brake is called Wheel Hub for the rear conversion SIPDrum Brake Seating. We offer a special SIPBrake Drumwhich replaces the standard rear Brake Drum. Now the desired Rim of type 2.50-10 ET30 5/86 can be fitted, e.g. those of the PIAGGIO ZIP SP Models.

The SIP PORDOI rims are the eye-catcher par excellence. But rims from CRIMAZ or KR Automation also look good. Unfortunately, the wide Spokes of the POLINI Rim hit the outer edge of the Brake Drum; if you are brave, you can fix this collision with a Dremel.

An alternative to the ZIP rims are the rim spiders of the same design ET30 5/86, which allow you to continue using the classic Vespa rims, such as the tubeless SIP 2.10 or 2.50 rims in 10" or 11" and still achieve the look of the spoked wheels.


The conversion to 10" ZIP rear Rim fits the following Models:

  • Vespa 125 VNA/VNB/150 VBA/VBB
  • Vespa 125 GT/GTR/TS/Super/150 GL/Sprint/V/Super/Rally
  • Vespa PX80-200E Lusso/'98/MY/T5/CosaLML
  • Star 125-200 2T/4T

The conversion requires the following parts:

  • Drum Brake Seating SIP part no. 24277430
  • Brake Drum SIP part no. 24277400
  • Rim offset ET30, bolt circle 5/86mm, center hole Ø 46mm of PIAGGIO ZIP II/SP/ZIP 2000/Vespa ET2/ET4 50-150 Models or rim star
  • offset ET30, bolt circle 5/86mm, center hole Ø 46mm

Quality and production

The parts are CNC machined with high precision. The Brake Drum is made from a special free-cutting steel whose good braking effect has already been proven in the SIP CNC Brake Drums for the 8, 9 and 10 inch Wideframe Models. The surface is black nitrided. The SIP logo is milled into the surface. The Brake Drum is also the basis for the 12" conversion at the rear.

Track alignment and wheel contact point

This conversion in combination with a 2.50x10 ET30 5/86 Rim results in a wheel contact point offset of a few millimeters compared to an original rim, similar to that of a classic ring rim with 2.50x10. The effect of this small offset is hardly noticeable. We also recommend converting the front wheel to the ZIP Rim so that the front and rear wheels are aligned again.


Conclusion: A simple but aesthetically outstanding and sporty update of the classic Vespa models at a high technical level.


Technical description:

  • High-strength steel CNC
  • Wheel Hub incl. 5 Screws M6x12 and 5 Spring Washer M6 for mounting the Brake Drum
  • Wheel Hub with bolt circle Rim 5x86 M8
  • Diameter Centering Rim 46mmBrake Drum
  • : Oil Seal inner diameter 30 mm (Lusso) and Brake Pads of the PX Lusso can be used

Don't forget - our SIP TIP:

  • Rim SIP Pordoi 2.5x10 ET30 5/86 or another rim of similar design
  • Rim star SIP Performance item no. 39047000 in conjunction with Rim 8106 MY
  • Also convert front wheel to ZIP Rim with Wheel Hub SIP part no. 390442.
  • It is essential to order the Drum Brake Seating part no. 24277430 together with the Brake Drum part no. 2427740


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