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Disc Brake GRIMECA Classic NT front for Vespa PK50-125/S/SS/XL/XL2/Automatica/P200E 2°/PX80-150E 2°/Lusso/'98/MY/'11/T5
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Disc Brake GRIMECA Classic NT front

for Vespa PK50-125/​S/​SS/​XL/​XL2/​Automatica/​P200E 2°/​PX80-150E 2°/​Lusso/​'98/​MY/​'11/​T5

  • silver
  • net pattern
  • Ø 20 mm
  • with PX MY brake disc and calliper
Chassis SPORT - comfortable and Grade AA - first-class repair
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26 ratings
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4,7kg / Piece

Product description

It's a situation everyone has experienced: Even after renewing the brake pads and lubricating all control elements, the scooter barely passes its TÜV (German MOT) because the braking performance does not correspond with the standard MOT standards. If the drum brakes get damp, become hot due to high use on steep descents or are subject to high load, the scooter is a hazard. To resolve these problems, disc brakes are at hand.


The GRIMECA Classic NT disc brakes improve the braking performance of the VESPA making them first choice for tuners and frequent riders. It represents the further development of the Classic disc brake, and is manufactured exclusively for SIP.


Compared with the GRIMECA Classic, the new NT version offers significantly more variation options for disk brakes and brake pads, whether it is a Wave disc or a genuine racing pad with ABE [Vehicle Type Approval]. The significantly bigger brake piston, with 30mm, ensures a fuller brake application and a superb brake performance. The optimised speedo cable routing prevents the speedo cable from being ground down on the brake disc. The brake disc is partially hydraulic which means the operation of the main brake cylinder that is attached to the steering column occurs via a brake cable. It is easy to install.


The GRIMECA NT disc brake is available for the PX/T5 models with axial diameters of 16 and 20mm. For the Vespa PK models, the shock absorber attachment requires slight revision as the shock absorbers on the PK models have a different hole spacing. A PK conversion fork is key to improving the brakes on all Vespa 125 VNA–TS/150 VBA-Super/Rally models. A TÜV (German Ministry of Transport) certificate was issued for the previous model that is no longer valid. In most cases, the enclosed copy helps with the TÜV registration, however.


The disc brake on the Vespa PX '98 is also manufactured by GRIMECA. The brake disc and pads are identical to the GRIMECA NT. The braking effect is also perfect on this brake. The star-shaped brake drum gives the PX'98/MY'11 models their typical appearance and enables the use of a chain joint. Those who aren't so keen on the modern visuals can give the brake an old-school look with the modified SERIE PRO brake drum or the GRIMECA NT brake drum.


Please note: The disc brake kits are ready filled and bled. Air can still get into the system on transportation. We therefore recommend ordering brake fluid and bleeding. An installation guide with bleeding is provided with the article in the web-shop at article info download.


Conclusion: The innovative features combined with the high production quality of the company GRIMECA result in by far the best brakes for the classic Vespa models.


SIP-TIP: Order brake fluid (part no. 30021000) at the same time. All models - apart from the PX`98/MY/`11 – furthermore require the pinion bearing speedo drive PX´98/MY(part no. 56405300) and the speedo drive (part no. 94430000). Those who want more upgrade to fully hydrostatic system: Modular brake line ABM (part no. 30055000) and main brake cylinder PX'98 (part no 56378800). Speed Sensor part no. 50000140 is necessary when using a SIP Speedometer.

Must Buy! The brake cable SIP Perormance part. no  94180010/9418001B. Similar braking feeling as fully hdyraulic. 


Test report for Grimeca Test Motoretta no. 19:

"The good braking performance of the front wheel brake on the PX Lusso is exceeded by 40% with considerably superior braking application."


SIP community user martony1 on (part no. 30017000):

"Real brakes at last. Easy to install, fill with brake fluid, bleed and you're finished. Superb braking effect!"

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