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Disc Brake CRIMAZ, front for Vespa 125 GT/GTR/TS/150 GL 2°/Sprint/V/180-200 Rally
Part no.: 78744200
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3,55kg / Piece
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Disc Brake CRIMAZ, front

for Vespa 125 GT/​GTR/​TS/​150 GL 2°/​Sprint/​V/​180-200 Rally

  • for 10" rim
  • silver brake calliper

for a better drivability

For race use only. Not admitted in the area of the German StVZO!
3 ratings
VAT included Free shipping
3,55kg / Piece
Part no.: 78744200

Product description

An elegant vintage-style Disc Brake upgrade kit for classic Vespa models.


The original brakes found on the vintage Vespa Sprint/Rally/T4/GT/GTR/GL models are hardly renowned for their effectiveness. This is especially noticeable while attempting to operate the front brake, where any improvement is gratefully accepted when you need to stop quickly and safely! If you became tired of having to rely on your army of guardian angels in order to survive in modern traffic conditions you were faced with having to fit a conversion steering column to your vintage Vespa. This method is most certainly an effective way to vastly improve the braking performance, but regrettably also a very complex and expensive customisation process. Another disadvantage is that this conversion also destroys the original style of the scooter. A situation that most owners wish to avoid!


These superb brake discs, produced by CRIMAZ, provide an ideal solution for Vespa enthusiasts who appreciate the benefits of safe braking – without having to compromise the vintage appearance of their beloved classic Vespa! They allow the older 10” wheeled steering columns to be unobtrusively and economically upgraded to fully benefit from the advantages of a modern braking system! The original trailing-link and brake base-plate assembly can be retained, only the brake drum unit requires replacement! The new item has an external brake disc attached around its perimeter with bolts. The brake calliper is fixed in position with the use of an adapter plate, which itself is attached via the original brake-cam mechanism.


To operate this disc brake a Brake Master Cylinder (BMC) and suitable brake hosing will also require fitting. These items are not included with the kit as almost each scooter model requires an individually tailored solution, which are all available from our shop.


Conclusion : An elegant method of upgrading and updating the 102 wheeled steering columns to provide modern braking performance.


Please note: Unfortunately, the quality of the paint on the surface is not always perfect. It may happen that there are some scratches.


SIP – TIP : Most models with which this kit is compatible can also be fitted with the excellent CRIMAZ BMC (#56375300).

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