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Countershaft 12-16-20-25 teeth with primary gear, 67 teeth for Vespa 125 GT 1°/3°/GTR/TS/150 GL 2°/150 Sprint 1°/3°/V/P125-150X 1°
Part no.: 97922000
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1,000g / Piece
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Countershaft 12-16-20-25 teeth with primary gear, 67 teeth

for Vespa 125 GT 1°/​3°/​GTR/​TS/​150 GL 2°/​150 Sprint 1°/​3°/​V/​P125-150X 1°

  • bearing seat inside 40mm
2 ratings
VAT included Free shipping
1,000g / Piece
Part no.: 97922000

Product description

The input shaft is also known as the lay shaft or the half axle. Together, the primary driven cog and the primary driven gear cogs make up the primary drive assembly. The set of gear cogs make up the smaller half of the secondary drive gear ratio assembly. The main difference between the various shafts available is the length and diameter of the bearing and bush or the differing number of teeth on each cog.


Regrettably, the only input shaft that PIAGGIO can still deliver is meant for the VESPA PX models. FA Italia still produce input shafts for VESPA models as far back as the GT/GL and SUPER. P/A can also still deliver shafts for several older models. We have arranged to have the gearbox output shafts, that are regrettably no longer available from the trade suppliers, reproduced in Premium Quality by various reputable specialist manufacturers as part of our SIP Spareparts range.

The input shaft gear cog clusters have to be riveted to the suitable primary driven gear cog assembly. We even have the old three gear VNA input shaft gear cluster assembly in stock. The assembly includes the primary driven gear cog. PINASCO can also deliver a shorter fourth gear cog to complete the picture.


Conclusion: High quality replacement parts for the original gear box.


SIP-TIP: Always install and replace ALL of the smaller primary drive components during each major service. The securing plates on both sides of the primary drive, input shaft holding nut, tab washer and also the input shaft needle bearings should all be replaced for save and enduring use of your motor. Last but not least do not forget to order fresh gearbox oil, gaskets and all relevant oil seals!


SIP Community user 'hekan' on Art.-Nr. 88220000: "Nice fit. Good device with the right tolerances."


OEM numbers (for comparisons): 097922 (PIAGGIO)

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