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Cooling Fluid MOTUL MOCOOL

  • purple
  • 500ml

H317 - May cause an allergic skin reaction.

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€45.00 / Litres 584g / Piece
Part no.: 10779800

Product description

Only coolant additive allowed in many racing series - MOTUL MoCool coolant concentrate.


MOTUL MOCOOL is a coolant additive concentrate specially formulated for racing use to reduce engine operating temperatures. Developed for the latest high performance gasoline and diesel engines in aluminum lightweight construction (motorcycle, quad, car, truck, etc.). Through the use of a special formulation, the engine operating temperature is reduced and optimum power development is achieved. The deliberate omission of antifreeze components makes the coolant suitable for racing.

The advantages of MOTUL MoCool:

  • Prevents boiling bubbles
  • Improves heat exchange and reduces coolant temperature by up to 15°C
  • Reliably protects against thermal overload
  • Is neutral to the materials used in the cooling system
  • Particularly suitable for engines with aluminum or magnesium housings
  • Special formulation provides perfect corrosion protection for the entire cooling circuit
  • Prevents cavitation and protects the water pump from wear and tear

Recommendations & hints:

  • Check beforehand: Some racing regulations only allow the use of water.
  • Do not use undiluted!
  • Mixing ratio 20:1 or 5% with distilled water (20 parts water/ 1part MOCOOL)
  • MOTUL MOCOOL does not contain any antifreeze components!
  • Miscible with MEG-based coolants
  • Used coolant must be collected separately for disposal.


  • Color (visual): violet
  • Density at 20°C ASTM D 4052 1.058
  • PH value ASTM D 1287 9.4

Specifications/Standards Approvals:

  • ASRA (American Sport Bike Racing Association)
  • WERA Motorcycle Road Racing

Conclusion: Anyone involved in racing cannot do without MOTUL coolant concentrate.

We recommend - our SIP-TIP:

  • Other cleaning, maintenance and care products from MOTUL should not be missing in any workshop.
  • For easy measuring of the mixing ratio, we recommend our measuring cups

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