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Clutch SIP BFA 2.0 24/64 teeth for primary 63/64 teeth for BFA 225-306 engine for Vespa 125 VNA-TS/150 VBA-Super/180-200 Rally/PX80-200/PE/Lusso/T5
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Clutch SIP BFA 2.0 24/64 teeth for primary 63/64 teeth for BFA 225-306 engine

for Vespa 125 VNA-TS/​150 VBA-Super/​180-200 Rally/​PX80-200/​PE/​Lusso/​T5

  • 4 discs
  • 24/64 teeth
  • straight teeth
  • for primary 63/64 teeth
  • with primary gear, straight cogs
  • 5 plates
  • 6-12 spring(s)
  • th 2,0mm
  • flange with gear teeth
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1,74kg / Piece

Product description

High-Tech clutch for Vespa Largeframe models with improved actuation and power.


With the new developments of recent years there is little left to be desired by the riders of the large geared Vespas. CNC machined clutches such as the SIP "Ultrastrong", the SIP Race or the MMW "Superstrong" are hard to push to their limits, if at all. They require little force on the lever, are reliable and have a track record of working well with power outputs in excess of 50BHP. There is always something that can be improved though. BFA has gone the extra mile and has designed a clutch that survives a 70BHP engine.

  • Little inert mass on the crankshaft
  • 5 clutch plates
  • Version with splined connection available

The actuating principle of the Vespa Largeframe Clutch has been reversed. The idea was to have less inert mass rigidly connected to the crankshaft, which in turn is meant to improve actuation.


The layout of the clutch

A lot of design and construction work was required to reverse the working principle of the clutch. BFA had their own primary gear cog made, particularly for this clutch. Not only does that make sure they have a solid and durable solution, the low built height of the gear cogs also helps to make room for 5 clutch plates. The clutch gear cog is bolted to the CNC machined aluminium outer clutch basket with 12 bolts. Between outer and inner basket there now is a needle bearing instead of the original bronze bushing. The pressure plate that compresses the clutch features a ball bearing. All friction and cover plates are made from aluminium. The lowest plate houses 6 springs in a way similar to Vespa Smallframe clutches. These may, if required, be complimented by 6 smaller diameter springs which then sit inside the larger ones.


Delivery includes a straight cut primary drive. Also contained are two bolts with which the clutch can be compressed and the plates changed without having to take the clutch out of the engine, and two rings to shim the pressure plate to its correct position in height relative to the clutch cover.


The clutch as a whole sits underneath the original P200 clutch cover (slight modifications are required occasionally). The clutch plates are Vespa Smallframe items.


The 2.0 version

A slight update of the SIP-BFA clutch. Tolerances have been reduced, wall thickness increased and the outer basket now comes with a surface finish.


There are different versions of the SIP – BFA clutch

  • One to fit the original P-Range type crankshaft.
  • One with splines which makes for a pretty much indestructible interface with the crank. This does require the use of a crankshaft with the suitable spline drive side shaft though.
  • Both versions come with a choice of a 22 tooth, 23 or 24 primary gear.

Conclusion: The BFA Largeframe clutch is the state-of-the-art clutch for a clean, reliable and light-on-the-lever link between the engine and the gearbox.


Tecnial details:

  • CNC machined aluminium outer basket, 12 bolt primary drive cog attachment
  • CNC machined steel inner basket with circlip fixing mechanism
  • Pin-roller bearing between the inner and outer baskets
  • Five Vespa SF friction plates
  • Bearing-equipped pressure plate
  • 2 CNC machined aluminium end plates
  • 12 springs, 6 internal – 6 external
  • Includes either a 24/64 or 23/64 primary drive cog with straight cut teeth
  • Clutch plate replacement possible while shaft mounted
  • Compatible with the original 200cc engines clutch cover

The Best Setup - Our SIP-TIP:

  • The BFA crankshaft for the BFA crankcase comes with 64mm stroke and a splined driveside shaft: # 78245800
  • For perfect low friction sensitivity and smoothness we recommend our SIP Performance clutch cable (# 94180440).
  • BFA recommends 10W 30 oil: # M7614052
  • The CRIMAZ „Rallino” makes actuation of the clutch lighter still: # 87724000

Attention: clutch basket and pinion come pre-assembled. That means the 12 screws connecting the two parts are not tightened and secured. Please tighten the screws before using and secure the screws.

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