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Clutch Kit MALOSSI Delta Clutch System for APRILIA 250 Leonardo/BENELLI 250 Velvet/ITALJET 250 Jupiter/MALAGUTI 250 Madison/YAMAHA 250 Majesty -'99 4T LC
Part no.: M5217405
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2,45kg / Piece
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Clutch Kit MALOSSI Delta Clutch System

for APRILIA 250 Leonardo/​BENELLI 250 Velvet/​ITALJET 250 Jupiter/​MALAGUTI 250 Madison/​YAMAHA 250 Majesty -'99 4T LC

  • Ø 130/135 mm
TUNING SPORT - high-performance
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Including VAT Free shipping
2,45kg / Piece

Product description

When a specific rpm has been reached by your motor, the centrifugal forces created, force the clutch shoes to move outwards and connect with the clutch housing, so causing it also to rotate and transfer the power created by the cylinder to the rest of the gearbox. MALOSSI have combined the two components and they are now available as an inexpensive kit.


The Delta Clutch offers large, friction-optimised contact surfaces which greatly reduce clutch-slip. The strength of the clutch can also be adjusted through the different spring grades and the railed pivot system. The clutch housing itself is constructed using P04 steel and its massive build allows improved cooling and stability, with reduced vibration.


Delta Clutch System

Three-shoe race clutch, adjustable through differing spring strengths and shoe pivot mountings, two different sets of springs are included with the kit, large and robust frictional surfaces, clutch basket made using tough P04 steel, anti vibrational welding technique, dynamic centrifugal balancing, nitrate-hardened surfaces (similar to high quality tooling)


SIP-TIP : To make replacement easier do not forget to order a new clutch holding nut, a clutch holding tool and a suitable cleaning liquid.


MOTORETTA May/June 2002 : A special feature of the Delta Clutch is the added shoe-pivot support created between the pivots themselves. This prevents them from being bent out of line and misaligning the shoes and the drum.

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 5217405 (MALOSSI)
EAN Number: 4260335256435

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7311888 Malossi 7311888 für Delta Clutch Maxiscooter 0,37 MB Download
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