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Product image for 'Clutch Gear Cog 24/26 teeth for standard primary 65 teeth DRTTitle'
Clutch Gear Cog 24/26 teeth for standard primary 65 teeth DRT for Vespa 200 Rally/P200E/PX200 E/Lusso ->'94/Cosa 1 200
Part no.: 13082910
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330g / Piece
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Product image for 'Clutch Gear Cog 24/26 teeth for standard primary 65 teeth DRTTitle' Images may differ from the original

Clutch Gear Cog 24/26 teeth for standard primary 65 teeth DRT

for Vespa 200 Rally/​P200E/​PX200 E/​Lusso ->'94/​Cosa 1 200

  • Ø 108 mm
  • clutch: Ø 115mm
3 ratings
Including VAT Plus shipping
330g / Piece

Product description

DRT closes the gaps in the variety of different size clutch gear cogs currently available in the market. They have made further transmission ratios possible with the usual precision manufacturing quality. Not all standard clutch gear cogs can be used with all primary driven cogs. Several combinations are possible but were not originally conceived for this purpose. DRT are now producing clutch gear cogs specifically intended to enable the use with all primary driven gear cogs. The fixing rivets are made using a more elastic metal and the gear cogs themselves are produced using 'state of the art' metal alloys. A smoother running, stronger engine is the result. This also raises the overall durability of your motor and more performance reaches the rear wheel.


A potentially interesting combination is possible with the 23 teeth gear cog for the 125-150cc motors 108mm outer diameter clutch basket. This offers the simplest method of achieving the tallest gearing for the smaller PX motors.

The POLINI primary driven gears with the 64 straight-cut teeth can be used with both sizes of clutch in combination with the DRT clutch gear cog with 22 teeth.

The clutch gear cogs with 20,21,22 and 23 teeth are intended for a 200cc motors clutch, with a 115mm outer diameter clutch basket, being used in a 125-150cc motor. They can be combined with the standard primary driven gear cogs, with either 67 or 68 teeth, or with the DRT item that has 65 teeth.

DRT has also put a clutch gear cog with 22 teeth on the market to fit the 200cc motor in combination with the standard primary driven gear cog with 65 teeth that has even more minimal mechanical tolerances.


Conclusion: The high production quality of this item ensures low tolerances and a tight fit between the cogs, making them ideal for both touring orientated motors and high performance projects.


SIP-TIP: Do not forget to order a new castle nut, safety washer, thrust plate and a pushrod. The different sizes primary driven gear cogs (65, 67 and 68 teeth) and the DRT item with 65 teeth offer further gear ratio possibilities.

OEM numbers (for comparisons): ipVel PE 200 z24.696/Ø107 - 20178 (DRT) 25270819 (PINASCO)

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13082910 Clutch Gear Cog 24/26 teeth,

Clutch Needed extra rivets for my use, now good


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