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Product image for 'Clutch Friction Plates NEWFREN COSA 2 Race for clutch "COSA 2"Title'
Clutch Friction Plates NEWFREN COSA 2 Race for clutch "COSA 2" for Vespa PX125-200 E Lusso '95->/'98/MY/'11/Cosa 2
Part no.: 93081500
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262g / Piece
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Clutch Friction Plates NEWFREN COSA 2 Race for clutch "COSA 2"

for Vespa PX125-200 E Lusso '95->/​'98/​MY/​'11/​Cosa 2

  • Ø 108 mm
  • 4 plates
  • carbon
  • th 1x 2,40, 3x3,00mm
TUNING RACE - for professionals
10 ratings
Including VAT Plus shipping
262g / Piece

Product description

Clutches are one of the most, if not the most, important components in any motor as their function is to ensure an adequate and effective transfer of the motors power between the crankshaft and the gearbox. To transfer greater amounts of motor power, more friction needs to be available within the mechanism of the clutch. Stronger springs create more frictional pressure, more frictional plates lead to a greater frictional area. High end sport/race clutch baskets should be used for more performance orientated motor tuning projects.

With the clutch plates, we distinguish between


Standard clutch plates: 4 cork plates, w/o plain plates and springs. For original motors. FA are low budget plates, PIAGGIO and NEWFREN or FERODO plates come in very high quality.


Sport clutch plates: 5 cork plates, with 4 plain plates. SURFLEX increases the power transfer with a greater frictional area.


Race clutch plates: 4 plates made from a special carbon compound, by NEWFREN or FERODO. The clutches dosability is increased and also its durability. Reinforces springs and gear oil SAE 80W 90 should be ordered.


Note: Ensure the correct order of the plain plates / friction plates during assembly. These should not be bent, either. This can result in problems separating them.


SIP TIP: Soak friction plates overnight in gearbox oil. New locking washer, woodruff key and clutch nut are recommended. Check pressure plate and pushrod for wearout and replace if necessary. SIP/MMW/S&S Sport/Race clutch basket are recommended for all motors over 15 PS.


SIP community user ‚thory1977‘ (about PART No 93080000): If the clutch is removed already, new friction plates can work wonders.


SIP community user Mick‘ (about PART No 93081000): “Yes clutch feels better on my cosa 225 now. beefier. mmmmmm beeeeef”


As we receive these spare parts from different suppliers, it might be necessary to rework for a perfect fit!

EAN Number: 8025832230861

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Carbon clutch

A top quality item that does exactly what it should, ideal when mixed with a slightly heavier spring pack..


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