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Product Image for 'Cluster Circlip to remove flywheelTitle'
Cluster Circlip to remove flywheel
for Vespa V50/​N/​R/​S/​Special/​SR/​SS/​90/​R/​SS/​ 100/​PV/​VNA-Sprint
Product No.: 59810000
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1g / Piece
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Cluster Circlip to remove flywheel

for Vespa V50/​N/​R/​S/​Special/​SR/​SS/​90/​R/​SS/​ 100/​PV/​VNA-Sprint
circlip bearing primary shaft gearbox for PIAGGIO Leader/​Quasar/​Master/​HPE
  • 25x26.9x1.2 mm
10 ratings
Net price Plus shipping
1g / Piece

Product description

The description for Cluster Circlip to remove flywheel is currently in progress.

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 000674 - B015959 (PIAGGIO)

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