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Product image for 'Clamp RAMMOUNTS for mounting at mirror rod/ wind shield/ handlebar pipeTitle'
Clamp RAMMOUNTS for mounting at mirror rod/ wind shield/ handlebar pipe
Part no.: RAMB231U
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100g / Piece
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Product image for 'Clamp RAMMOUNTS for mounting at mirror rod/ wind shield/ handlebar pipeTitle' Images may differ from the original

Clamp RAMMOUNTS for mounting at mirror rod/ wind shield/ handlebar pipe

  • Ø 12,7-25,4 mm

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Including VAT Plus shipping
100g / Piece

Product description

The north American manufacturer 'RAMMOUNTS' are specialists in the production of multi-purpose, ultra-stable holding brackets and attachment systems for cameras, tablets, sat-nav systems and smartphones. They employ a unique patented ball adapter fixing which, due to its flexibility is ideal for use on two-wheeled vehicles. The ball-adapter crowns located on the vehicle and device fixings are connected by a 'quick-release' arm with multiple positioning possibilities. This adaptability invites creative experimentation! No matter whether a sat-nav, camera or phablet needs fixing, RAMMOUNTS can provide a solution. In recognition of their high-quality products, RAMMOUNTS provide a lifelong guarantee for all of their equipment!


The RAM MOUNTS fixing-clamp, with a 1? diameter 'B' ball-mounting, is suitable for attachment to handlebars and tubes with a diameter up to 1? (25.4mm). Along with the clamp itself the delivery includes a stainless steel 'U-bolt', 2 x suitably-sized nuts, 2 x rubber end-caps and a vinyl reduction adapter allowing mounting to tubes or bars with a diameter down to 1/2? (12.7mm).


SIP -TIP: To enable operational access to your smartphone we recommend the use of an extension-arm (#RAMB201A/RAMB201U) along with a suitable smartphone attachment adapter (#RAMUN7BU/RAMUN10BU).

EAN Number: 793442002229

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