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Product image for 'Catalogue SIP for Wideframe Vespa Accessories & Tuning for Vespa WideframeTitle'
Catalogue SIP for Wideframe Vespa Accessories & Tuning for Vespa Wideframe
Part no.: 90000030
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330g / Piece
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Catalogue SIP for Wideframe Vespa Accessories & Tuning for Vespa Wideframe

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VAT included Plus shipping
330g / Piece
Part no.: 90000030

Product description

The tuning of wideframe Vespa models has recently become even more popular. Most of the old ladies with the charismatic motorcycle-style handlebars are kept mothballed in the garage with the rest of the collection or used for very rare outings to the immediate vicinity. Their ancient engines cannot really be trusted, especially over longer distances. Another problem is the paltry 2-3PS, a guarantee that you will be hopelessly underpowered for modern traffic conditions. A group of tireless tuners and spirited engineers have got together around the 'Faro Basso' models in a search for satisfactory solutions. They have been busy optimising the porting on original cylinders, swapping pistons and experimenting with various carburettor set ups, etc...


We have brought all this together to come up with a 84 pages catalogue dedicated to the Wideframe Vespa models. Finding out what you need was never more easy.


Here is the issuu link to browse our catalogue online now:



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