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Product Image for 'Carburettor MIKUNI TMX 32 flat sliderTitle'
Carburettor MIKUNI TMX 32 flat slider
Product No.: 40071000
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650g / Piece
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Product Image for 'Carburettor MIKUNI TMX 32 flat sliderTitle'

Carburettor MIKUNI TMX 32 flat slider

  • connection engine: 40mm
  • connection filter: 62mm
  • main jet 220
  • idle mixture jet 25
RACE-TUNING, for professionals

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Product description

MIKUNI flat slider carburettors have clearly lower dimensions than the VHSA/VHSB series from DELL'ORTO. This is not only evident when they are installed. The compact and short design ensures an extremely direct response. At the same time, in combination with the enclosed jet system, the voluminous float chamber also guarantees a constant composition of the mix in all ranges, even if extreme centrifugal forces and acceleration forces occur. This makes them the perfect choice for sports Malossi 210cc largeframes and classic smallframe race tuning with engine performances of up to approx. 30 PS.


We stock MIKUNI 24-35mm carburettors in the TM versions (double flat slider, screw-mounted) and TMX (even more compact design, 1 rounded off on the slider side for optimised flow, some with power jets). The power jet which is installed in the TMX 27, 30 and 38 provides the possibility of using a smaller main jet and to enable the range between 3/4 throttle and full throttle to run more leanly in order to get a better torque on straights. So that the mix does not get leaner under full load because of the smaller main jet, this is where the power jet comes in and - depending on the slider position and the load range - injects additional mix into the carburettor. As a rule the carburettors can be tuned via the main jet. In contrast to DELL’ORTO for instance, MIKUNI not only states the bore, but also the flow-through of the jets. The flow-through of the jets is linear over the entire rev range. This means the individual power ranges of the MIKUNI carburettors can be set and delineated relatively neatly from each other. As a basic guideline, the following applies: MIKUNI jet size corresponds with the DELL'ORTOx2 jet size.


Conclusion: Superb finishing and relatively easy to tune.


SIP-TIP: Depending on the intended purpose, different sized jets will be required (e.g. MIKUNI HD 6mm, art no. 40701450). It is possible to safely store 24 of them in the jet box (part no 24209400).


SIP community user Automobiler on part no 40072000:

"Super component. Goes well!"


SIP community user Trapp-Performance on part no 40060000:

"Excellent! This Mikuni product is excellent!" Great tuning, top quality!"

Mikuni Carburetors have an enlarged manifold surface giving them higher performance in lower rpm´s than the Dell´Orto drum carburetors and are smaller than the VHSA/VHSB. Also the 27, 30 and 38er Mikuni´s are powerjet carburetors, that lean up the mix with a secondary jet when running at full pull. The carburetors can be adjusted through the main jet. The inlet size of the 32er Mikuni is almost double compared to the 30er PHBH from Dell´Orto. 211er motors get along fine with the standard adjustment of the 35er. Try, try, try.

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