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Carburettor Kit MALOSSI SHA 13 for PIAGGIO Boss/Grillo/SI 50

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Part no.: M1610869
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Carburettor Kit MALOSSI SHA 13

for PIAGGIO Boss/​Grillo/​SI 50

TUNING SPORT - high-performance

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380g / Piece

Product description

Replacement- and Tuning carburettor for PIAGGIO Mofas/Mopeds


Even the carburettors found on the range of mopeds produced by PIAGGIO were not built to last for ever. If they have seen use for several years their complete functionality inevitably suffers. As the DELL'ORTO/MALOSSI produced SHA carburettors are so low in price, its usually just not worth repairing the existing item.


We have the original SHA carburettors available as replacements in the 12.10 and 12.12 sizes. If you wish to improve or boost the performance of your moped a little or you have a small capacity performance cylinder fitted, we advise the addition of a slightly larger 13.13 sized SHA carburettor. This fits plug & play in the existing position on the engine casings, normally reserved for the 12-sized original carburettor. The increased diameter they provide is the icing on the cake for any performance enhancing measures. MALOSSI have this carburettor available in a kit which also includes a suitable race-style air filter.


The SHA carburettors are available with a couple of varying choke mechanisms. The type with a choke-lever was standard equipment on the earlier 'CIAO' mopeds. They are recognisable by a small metal lever, protruding from the right-hand footboard and is activated by being pushed downwards. Another variety is the type with a choke tickler system which involves a plastic button, protruding from underneath the left-hand footboard, being depressed for choke activation. This button type has two varieties, the first with an angled choke slider for 'BRAVO' mopeds. The second type is equipped with a straight choke slider and a modified cover/throttle cable attachment and was meant for the 'SI' mopeds.


Conclusion: The replacement of these economically priced SHA carburettors does not deserve to be neglected or ignored during the service and/or restoration of these vintage PIAGGIO mopeds!

Our recommendation - SIP-TIP:

  • Do not forget to order a set of 5mm jets for fine tuning and adjustment!
OEM numbers (for comparisons): 1610869 (MALOSSI)

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