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Carburettor DELL'ORTO/SPACO SI 24.24E 586 without oil pump for Vespa 200 Rally/P200E/PX200 E/Lusso
Part no.: 40000000
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840g / Piece
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Carburettor DELL'ORTO/SPACO SI 24.24E 586 without oil pump

for Vespa 200 Rally/​P200E/​PX200 E/​Lusso

also for Vespa 125 VNB-TS/​150 VBA-Super/​180 Rally/​P80-150X/​PX80-150E/​Lusso/​T5
  • Standard
  • Ø 24 mm
  • main jet 118
  • idle mixture jet 55
  • mixer tube BE3
  • Main Air Correction Jet 160

Grade 1 - perfect repair
OEM number(s): 00586 (DELLORTO) 00586 (DELLORTO)
57 ratings
VAT included Plus shipping
840g / Piece
Part no.: 40000000

Product description

The SI carburettors are fitted as standard to all Vespa Largeframe models (apart from the GS160/SS180). Their design is simple in terms of its structure and thanks to the main jet, main air correction jet, idle jet and choke jet, throttle slide and idle running mix regulating screw, they offer similarly precise setting options as the larger drum or flat side carburettors. They are also easy for non-professionals to tune as adjusting the main jet normally achieves the required effect.


Their shorter intake duct helps the throttle response of the engine and makes the SI carburettors the first choice for disc valve engines. With an SI and the corresponding peripherals, over 20 PS are possible at the rear wheel, their cooling capacity is rather limited, however. For this reason, it is better for cylinders under strong thermal load to be driven with a bigger carburettor.


In addition to the SI 20.20 for the smaller PXs, we also offer the SI 24.24 carburettors from DELL'ORTO. These are not only used as a spare part for the PX200 they are also a decent and effective upgrade for 125/150cc models with tuning cylinders. The SI 24.24 G on the T5 has an even shorter intake duct and is configured perfectly for the 12 PS 125cc T5. Therefore this carburettor is also a popular tuning set for the 166-177cc. All of these SI carburettors are available for models both with and without separate oil injection.


With the SPACO SI 20.15 and 20.17 carburettors, we are able to offer owners of classic models fully functioning replicas of the original carburettors. As they are fitted with chokes they require the PX air filters.


Since there have been long delivery bottlenecks on the part of DELL`ORTO in recent years, we have also included SI carburettors directly from SPACO (India) and VEMSA (Taiwan) in our range.... The SPACO hardly differ from the DELL`ORTO/SPACO, the VEMSA are more suitable for simple repairs.


Conclusion: Classic disc valve carburettors. Optimally designed for solidly built touring setups.


SIP-TIP: Always order the matching air filter at the same time. The carburettor seal, carburettor gasket and SI jetting kit (e.g. #40260000) are all recommended.


SIP community user ‚thePhantom‘ (on part no 28532800): „Qualité – prix très bien!!“





Note: To avoid false rumours: DELL`ORTO SI carburettors are manufactured under licence by SPACO in India. Quality control and repackaging still takes place at Dell` Orto's factory. We refer to these carburettors as DELL`ORTO/SPACO


To avoid rumours:

"Some years ago Dell'Orto made an agreement with Spaco and Piaggio to produce carbs type SI in India. So Spaco produces on license and delivers to Dell'Orto, Dell'Orto guarantees the quality and delivers the SI carbs to Piaggio for first equipment and to all other customers for after market. The carbs are marked > Spaco lic. Dell'Orto <.

Best regards

Stefano Prandini, Dell'Orto Spa, Italy, May 2008 "

OEM numbers (for comparisons): 00586 (DELLORTO) 00586 (DELLORTO)

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