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Brake Shoes POLINI 8"/9"/10", front for Vespa 50 Special V5B1-4T/SR/SS/90 R/SS/100 2°/125/PV/ET3/P80/E (FR)
Part no.: 87559000
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190g / Pair
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Product image for 'Brake Shoes POLINI 8"/9"/10", frontTitle' Images may differ from the original

Brake Shoes POLINI 8"/9"/10", front

for Vespa 50 Special V5B1-4T/​SR/​SS/​90 R/​SS/​100 2°/​125/​PV/​ET3/​P80/​E (FR)

rear for Vespa 98
  • w 18 mm
  • 1 seating
  • for brake drum Ø interior 125mm
TUNING ROAD - for everyday use and Grade A - perfect repair
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Including VAT Plus shipping
190g / Pair

Product description

He who brakes, wins! And it isn't only those that do a lot of riding who do a lot of braking! Less frequent riders also have to make sure they have a good set of brakes.

Waxy or oily pads represent an extremely high safety risk. If your brakes are ineffective, the brake shoes are usually the reason. It gets really dangerous when the pads on the shoe have worn completely thin and metal 'brakes' on metal. If the shoes get wedged in the drum, your scooter is an accident waiting to happen. For this reason, the brake shoes should be changed at every service. We refer to brake pads for drum brakes as being brake shoes.


We stock brake shoes from a wide range of Italian manufacturers for all Vespa models. The AntiAQUA shoes from NEWFREN are highly recommended. These were originally developed for the area of off-road use. To be able to guarantee the best possible performance of the brake shoes, grooves have been constructed into the surface of the shoes, which remove moisture and dirt from the drum and also result in the superior cooling of the pad.


Brake shoes are,  expect where noted otherwise, supplied in pairs.


Please note: Brake pads only have their full braking effect if they have been worn into the brake drum. Bear this in mind over the initial kilometres

and brake more frequently and deliberately.


SIP-TIP: Order new retaining clips and springs at the same time.


OEM numbers (for comparisons): 266506 - 091058 - 267757 - 022001 - 003523 - 18020 - 2665064 (PIAGGIO) 176.0162 (POLINI)

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